Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 7: It's Been...One Week Since You Looked at Me

Well. here it is, lady and gents. A week. One week has gone by since I began my journey, and I feel AWESOME! I weighed myself this morning, and I'VE LOST WEIGHT! See how much at the end of the entry. :)

Breakfast was cereal + organic 2% milk as usual and nuts! I had about 4 honey roasted almonds to make my stomach stop gurgling during my daily morning meeting I have with Beth about what needs to be done for the work day.

At 10:30, I had about 1/4 cup of this energy mix that Planters makes from their NUT•rition line. They're very yummy! I got them on sale at Walgreens yesterday for $3.99 (They're usually about $5 per container). They've kept me full for a good while, too.

I thought I was going to have to try working out in Fannett today since I have choir practice, but I remembered that the surprise birthday book I made for my dad will be delivered today, and I have to sign for it. I'm working late on Thursday to photograph an awards ceremony, so I can use that comp time to leave early today to get my workout done before choir practice.

I worry about missing the package while I'm at my workout in the gym, so I will most likely do something from www.bodyrock.tv today so I can stay in my apartment. I've done several of their workouts before I had my big "AHA!" fitness epiphany last week (with some moderation since they can be pretty challenging), and I absolutely love them! The girl on the videos (Lisa Marie) is very motivational and she's in impeccable shape. I don't know if I'd want to get as muscular as her, but she definitely helps you understand how to do each of the exercises well. The workouts they provide are based on intense interval training where you basically work as hard as you can within a certain amount of time with short periods of rest between each exercise. They have interval beeping timers that they sell on their website, but I just downloaded an interval time app on my phone that does the job just as well. I highly recommend their website for when you're short on time and you want to stay at home to do workouts. You can also find them on Facebook, too!

2:12 p.m.
Just finished my lunch! I didn't get hungry until later today. That Planters energy mix kept me full forever!! Honestly, I wasn't even that hungry to eat lunch, but I didn't want to eat any later than 2 so I wouldn't delay my hunger for supper either. I enjoyed some leftover chicken, spinach, and rice that I made from last night. Just as good this time around. I'm currently enjoying some vanilla Activia for dessert. I'm a little irritated with myself because I forgot to bring my Tervis Tumbler full of water, and I have no cash to buy water from the vending machines downstairs. It's times like these when I wish we had an office water cooler...

I added a little more rice for lunch so I could last through
the afternoon without needing a snack. It worked!
3:52 p.m.
Just got a message from a friend saying she's bringing pizza to choir practice tonight for 2 of the members whose birthdays are next Tuesday. I politely declined to eating any, but let's see if I can stick to it...

5:56 p.m.
Just got done with my bodyrock.tv workout! WHEW! I'd like to reiterate how hard you work on those even though it's just at 50 second intervals! I'm DRENCHED! I found out that they're starting a 30 day May challenge, and I might take part in it!

This is the workout I did today:

Here are my stats:

1st Set: 25 Squats, 21 Push ups, 21 Tricep Dips, 22 Abs

2nd Set:  26 Squats, 18 Push ups, 20 Tricep Dips, 24 Abs

3rd Set:  25 Squats, 15 Push ups, 19 Tricep Dips, 23 Abs

I had to stop A LOT during the pushups and tricep dips. My upper body strength is pretty wimpy. I have a feeling that tomorrow is going to be one of those days when it hurts to sneeze...or sit on the toilet...haha! Cheers to sore muscles!

Visit their website at www.bodyrock.tv if you want to try it out! They even give you a text breakdown of the workout which helps a lot when you can't remember which move is next:


I must get ready to head to Fannett now for choir practice, but I will finish when I get back!

10:31 p.m.
What an exciting time I had in Fannett today! I got to FINALLY give my dad his secret birthday gift (It's 2 weeks late since I had to get it sent to be printed), but I think the wait was well worth it. HE LOVED IT! I'm so thankful!!! 

CLICK HERE to see a digital preview
of the birthday book I made for my dad!
I greeted my wonderful choirmates in the rosary garden in front of our church before practice where we to have a mini pizza celebration for Mr. Phil & Mr. Steve's birthdays which are next Tuesday. If it's one thing I was taught, it was to never be rude to someone who does you a kindness, so I ate 3 small squares of pizza. Luckily, the pizzas they bought were thin crust, and the pieces were cut very small (No more than 2 to 3 inches per square), so I didn't feel TOO terrible about eating them. It was also my dinner, so I didn't have much choice unless I wanted to wait till 10:00 to eat! 

I guess you just have to use your best judgement on when it's appropriate to eat a treat. One week of kicking butt with exercise and eating healthy, small portions...methinks the tiny treat was OK in this case. When I got back to my apartment, I did 100 jumping jacks just to make myself feel a little better. 

Well, I am EXHAUSTED. I think it's time to go to bed.

OH YEAH! So like I exclaimed up top, I DID lose weight! Here is the weigh-in result!

I've lost 3 pounds since Day 2! Woo!
I need to use a darker color sharpie...
Cheers to a week of fitness, moderation, and perseverance. Tomorrow, I will get to say that I've been working out EVERY DAY for MORE THAN A WEEK. If that's not a victory, then tell me what is! See you on the 8th day, my wonderful friends!