Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 36: I Feel Better Than I Did 10 Years Ago!

It was a bit of an unusual day today. I didn't go to work until about 10 this morning because I had a dentist appointment at 9.

I plopped this bad boy onto my fridge last night when I found myself wanting to eat when I wasn't hungry... I snapped a pic of it while I was munching on my breakfast.

I started my morning with some apple cinnamon oatmeal, and then I headed out to the dentist. Yay, no cavities!

Back at work, I realized that I forgot my lunch that I packed last night at home, so I went back to my apartment to eat at about 12:45. I enjoyed about 8 blue corn tortilla chips, a 1tbsp of guacamole, a chicken breast, and some more of that yummy mashed cauliflower. I washed it down with a can of coconut juice.

Work was smelly today since they're painting and changing the carpet in some of the offices in our hallway. I'm so thankful I didn't get a headache...

When I got home, I wasn't quite hungry enough for dinner yet. I ate a banana, drank a bunch of water, and I headed out to the Hike & Bike Trail.

I racked up 11 miles today and worked up a glorious sweat. There were a lot of people there this evening! I had to slow down a lot to avoid people who were walking the wrong way (grrr). While I was putting away my bike, a random car stopped and the people in it were waving at me. I had NO idea who it was at first, but it ended up being my 'niece,' Helen and her friend Cassandra (whom I had never met before tonight). They are both graduating from my good ol' alma mater this weekend (Hamshire-Fannett), so I decided to invite them over to hang out at my place for a little while!

I introduced Helen & Cassandra to my healthier eggplant parmesan and the mashed cauliflower, and they were impressed! I got to give them a few pointers about college and gab a bit about the teachers who are still at old H-F... It was a lovely evening all around!

I forgot to take a true before picture.
That eggplant was a circle in the beginning.
I ate everything on the plate seen here.
It was while I was talking to them that I was reminded of how it has been 10 years since I stood in their shoes. I graduated high school 10 years ago....clueless, scared, excited, sad, lost....and unhealthy. I basically did not like who I was back then, and I was scared of everything! Food and sleep were comforting, so I leaned on those things a lot. This was also before I found out about my hypothyroidism, so that explained the 4 hour naps on top of the 12 hours I slept at night I took during my first semester of college. It also did not help that I ate pizza a few times a week, fresh baked cookies every night with dinner, and all the fried and fantastic restaurants that Texas A&M and College Station had to offer during my 2 years there did NOT treat me well. 

10 years and two Lamar University degrees later, I have tons of energy, I'm eating right, I'm exercising most days, and I have a much better idea of who I am and what I want to accomplish in my life. I wish I could have had this kind of energy and motivation back then! It almost makes me wonder if things would have turned out differently, but I am actually really happy with where I am today. I feel SO much better than I did 10 years ago in so many different ways. It's fun to look back on occasion, but sadness thrives in those who live in the past. I love today, and I am glad that I am on this healthier journey and that I am in a better place!

Cheers to you, class of 2012! Enjoy the next 10 years...they fly by REALLY fast!

Day 37 tomorrow! Whaaat? Craziness!