Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 25: Dinner & a Show!

I had many things on my agenda this Saturday.

I hurried up and enjoyed some apple cinnamon oatmeal when I woke up this morning...

One of my best friends (Krystal) is in from out of town, and I wanted to make time to see her. I met up with her this morning to do some shopping after my 11 mile bike ride at the Hike & Bike. There was an exceptional amount of doggy doo on the trail today... I made the mistake of not being hydrated enough when I went out there, so when I met up with Krystal at Kohls, I was EXCEPTIONALLY fatigued. Never again will I forget to hydrate after a long ride like that!

It was hard to focus on my bike ride because I kept getting phone calls and texts from a few different people on my dad's condition. I didn't mind since knowing about my dad's health is definitely more important than a bike ride, but I didn't feel like I did enough since I was in a bit of a time crunch.

My mom's been keeping me posted on what tests they want to run this week. She told me that he will probably be admitted to the hospital in the next few days. Your messages of prayers and support have truly meant a lot to us! Thank you!

After I spent some time with Krystal, I met up with Adam's family and Nick for one more graduation celebration for Adam at Cheddar's. I almost wanted to get salmon again, but I had it 2 nights in a row already! (I forgot to post my dinner from Thursday night...that's what I ate!) I opted for some potato soup, a caesar salad, and half of a sandwich instead. Not the most nutritious of options, but there's very slim pickin's when it comes to eating healthy at Cheddars...

Why do I always forget to ask for
the salad dressing on the side!?
Before I let Nick finish the rest...haha

The HUGE mound of bacon & cheese that I did NOT eat.
I actually felt ill from eating that meal when I was done. I didn't eat to the point of being too full, but the amount of cheese that was probably in the soup, and all the salt in the meal as a whole was probably much more than my system's been used to lately. It was TORTURE to resist appetizers of nommy looking chips & queso and those oh, so delicious buttery/flaky croissants that Cheddars has. I had THE hardest time resisting, but I did it!

 I'm glad Nick needed to go to Wal-Mart after lunch because I was able to walk off some of my lunch and buy some more romaine and some bananas.

At around 6:15, I met my parents at Schlotzky's for supper. I didn't make the wisest meal choice for supper, either. I'm not proud to admit it, but I got a personal cheese pizza. I didn't finish the whole thing (I ate 3/4 of it) and gave the last 2 little slices to my dad. I forgot to take pictures this evening since I was having a discussion with my parents about everything that's been happening with my dad's health and what's to be expected in the next few days. I was also focused on getting us out of the restaurant in time for "Pirates of Penzance!"

Alisa has been one of my very best friends for YEARS. She played the role of Mabel (the lead) in "Pirates" tonight and as usual, she was breathtakingly amazing! I always tear up and get goosebumps when I hear her sing. 

You must hear her sing!
She's fantastic!
I had a lovely night with my mom and dad tonight. I do hope they were able to have a good time and relax for a little while.

Also, before I go, I must say a GREAT BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my FIRST Godson, Matthew!! Happy FIFTH birthday, Matthew!! I love and miss you so so very much! I'm sorry I did not talk to you today, but I hope you had a wonderful birthday with your Mommy & Daddy!

This was the funnest photoshoot ever!
I MUST sleep now. I want to wake up early to get my workout done before I head to church so I can spend most of the day with my parents.

Day 26, I look forward to greeting you soon!