Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 24: An Off Day & 2 Cool 60-Year-Olds

Well, I have unofficially decided that Fridays will be my off days from heavy duty cardio work. I intend to start taking 2 days off per week when I lose more weight, but for now, I think this works for me. I'm glad today is a day off because my body HURTS and it needs to rest and heal. My knee is still bothering me, and the muscles in my hips and my abs are crazy sore, too! I guess this means I'm working hard enough, right?

But now for more important things...

I'd like to share 2 people in my life with you who have indirectly yet strongly influenced my desire to pursue a healthier lifestyle: My dad, and Nick's mom, Ms Ruth. This year, they are both 60.

My Dad
As I posted yesterday, my dad is having some health trouble. He just turned 60 last month on the 19th, and for the most part, I'd think he's a pretty healthy individual. He's not overweight, and his blood tests usually come back with good results, but his lifestyle is taking a toll on him. My dad has worked shift work most of my life in 12 hours nights or 12 hours days, depending on what his work schedule is. My dad has been complaining of dizziness for the past few days, so he and my mom went to the doctor yesterday to try to figure out what might be causing it. According to an MRI he had done, his brain has aged rapidly....very rapidly. According to what I was told yesterday, his brain is equivalent to the age of a 70-year-old's.

There were many medical terms thrown into the news that I didn't understand, but needless to say, I am absolutely concerned. I was so confused. Aged to 70-years-old? Does this mean that 10 more potential years of having my dad here are gone? Can it be stopped or reversed? I am trying not to worry too much because we don't have all the facts yet, and there are more tests that will probably need to be run. Not only that, but worrying does not help anything... You can't control situations like this no matter how much you worry, so why do it? Focus on the problem, try to find the solution, and pray. That's it.

The doctors are recommending that my dad either take a long vacation or retire soon so that he can focus on relaxing to prevent any more damage. They are also recommending that he take blood thinners to decrease the pressure in the vessels in his brain, and that he exercise more and change his diet.

There it is. More exercise, and a better diet. If this isn't screaming at me to improve my heath NOW, then I don't know what is. My dad is guilty of overeating and not getting enough sleep. I've seen the kind of toll that lacking sleep has done to both of my parents, and it is by far the biggest weakness in my strive to become healthier. Again, I ask for prayers for my dad's health and happiness... For both of my parents.

Ms Ruth
Today was going to be a post mainly about Ms Ruth because this would have been her 60th birthday, but I felt like I needed to share my concerns about my dad's health as well, so thanks for letting me share that. I've always thought it was cool that she and my dad were both born in the same year, so mentioning them both today worked out nicely.

Ms Ruth was an absolutely lovely person. She had many friends, she adored her children, and she often selflessly did many helpful and thoughtful things for others, including myself. In the 2 short, but wonderful years I got to know her, she treated me with nothing but love and kindness, and I miss her very much.

She passed away on October 13, 2008. It was a dreadful day to say the least. I don't mean to bring anyone down because today is and should be a day to celebrate her life, but I also feel that it's important to let everyone know that she has been one of my biggest influences to get myself healthy because of how she died. I shall not go into details in order to respect her memory and her family, but she passed away due to a massive heart attack that day. Ever since then, I have been determined to learn more about potential causes, preventative care, and ways to volunteer or donate to organizations that help with heart related research. My fitness/tinier pants journey actually began soon after she died, and I have faltered several times since. I feel like I can't let myself give up this time. I just can't, and I won't. My motivation is stronger than ever, and Ms Ruth's memory lives on within it!

For Ms Ruth... I know that you must be beaming about Nick and his accomplishments and with how far Christine has come as well. We celebrate the day you were born to bless those who knew you with your contagious laughter, your thoughtful gifts, and your great conversations. Happy 60th birthday! You inspire me every single day to do better! Thank you!


I'm bringing my parents to see one of my best friends (Alisa) perform as Mabel in "Pirates of Penzance" tomorrow. I'm hoping the 3 of us have a relaxing and happy time together. Lord knows we need it!

Nick, Adam, and I will be going to Carrabba's tonight as we've done every year on Ms Ruth's birthday since 2008 to celebrate.

So raise your glass to this off day, and to two of the many people who inspire me every day.

Day 25 Starts tomorrow. It shall be a busy one, indeed!