Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 98: Week 14 Weigh In... I Miss San Francisco!

Before I get started, let me just say that this particular entry is probably not going to be well structured at all, and that I am in a hurry to sleep. Please bear with me!

So the last time I blogged, I was in full blown head cold mode. I have not truly done a real workout since Monday, July 23rd, BUT that doesn't mean I wasn't active between now and then!

Quite a lot has happened since my last blog entry. I got so used to blogging daily that I actually feel rusty at it, and it's only been 8 days! Even though I still had a bit of a cold, I made the trek to San Francisco with Nick and had THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE!

I made sure to weigh myself before I left:

About the same as the week before.
I was eating tons of soups and
spicy foods to help my throat feel better.
Luckily, I was already beginning to feel better the day we flew to SF. I SINCERELY loved that city, and I cannot wait until the day I go back so I can walk the streets again in that magnificent cool weather. I did not exactly eat the healthiest things while I was there, but I did make sure to practice portion control, AND we had the advantage of getting to walk EVERYWHERE. I am pretty sure that we walked off every single meal we ate while we were in SF.

The first meal I ate in SF was this magnificent crab crepe at Pier 39.

So I was a bad little fitness/diet blogger and I did not photograph every single thing I ate on this vacation. I'm sorry, guys! I was way too busy having a blasty blast and trying to enjoy the memories I was making! 

But just so you have an idea of what kind of exercise I got while I was there, check out these steep streets that we had to walk EVERY day...

It just kept going up and up and up and up......
Talk about STEEP! There is no treadmill on this earth that has an incline like that! I so miss these angled streets. The weather was a refreshing high 50 low 60 degrees (F), and even though Nick and I were cardio beasts every day walking these streets, I didn't break a sweat! 

I did manage to photograph the breakfast I had at one small diner we visited on our second day, though...

Bagel sandwich...I needed it for energy on the journey
to Emeryville! We had to walk a lot there, too!
I didn't take photos of what I ate in Emeryville, bit I did take pics of where we ate....

Fuddruckers! (not my choice...haha) 

The best walking I did in SF and Emeryville always had a fantastic reward at the end....

We did a ton of walking to get here....

AND here...

I did manage to treat myself in moderation by sharing with Nick. I am so grateful that my sore throat and cough pretty much vanished by the 3rd day we were in California. I finished my antibiotics, and I was good to go!
Here we are with Brock & Nellie at Ghirardelli Square.
Nick and I shared this DELICIOUS peanut butter and
chocolate shake. We obliterated that thing!
This was probably the healthiest meal I had in SF.
Grilled mahi-mahi with mashed potatoes.
I only ate 2 of the fillets and 1/3 of the potatoes.
Nick's dinner (pasta with salmon) was better.

Yeah. I ate all of this at the Animation Mentor Barbecue.
BUT I didn't finish all the cookies!
At least I managed to fit some
fruit in there, too! 
Nick & me with "Spike," the AM mascot!
With 2 of the coolest animating girls at the bbq!
(Hannah & Sophia!)
I would do an entire entry of the play by play of the entire trip, but this is a fitness/healthy eating blog! If you'd like to see all the pictures (and their stories) from our trip to SF and Emeryville, click this link to my Facebook Album.   


Now that I am back in hot and sweaty Texas, I must get back to my fitness routine. I did not work out today because I am EXTREMELY sleep deprived. I intended to sleep early tonight to catch up on my sleep so that my workout tomorrow is easier, BUT I wanted to update my blog first too. Tuesdays are just too busy, I tell you! I had choir practice after a full day of work, and now I am here trying to rush and blog. I think it's alright, though.

I didn't eat much of a breakfast because I was too sleepy. Shame on me. I ate 3 prunes in my office before I went to lunch with my pal Craig at Katharine and Company.

I ordered a half Chicken Caesar BLT, a cup of tomato basil soup, and a spinach salad.

I devoured all of this since I didn't eat much breakfast.
That lunch kept me full for the rest of the afternoon.

My dad made me a simple yet yummy dinner of shrimp, rice, and cucumbers before choir practice later in the evening.

Thanks, Daddy!
Thaaaaat's all, folks. I intend to get back on my bike tomorrow and hopefully try to even out some of the funky tanlines I got from all my time outdoors in California. Nick and I both got sunburned since we're not used to the COLD weather in July! (You forget about the sunshine still being harmful when the sun's not making you sweat!)

It's week 14 already today!! Here's my weigh in:

Please excuse my gross hair. My scalp is sunburned, and I didn't wash
my hair because it BURNS to use the blowdryer.

Thanks, sunburn/tan.  My face is now 394857203457 different shades.
All the walking I did in SF and Emeryville DEFINITELY helped me lose a little weight! Lord knows I wasn't eating my best, so I can't help but wonder if I would have lost more if I did behave a little better. I need to go grocery shopping soon since I haven't been home in a while. Can't wait to get some more healthy food in my fridge!

Goodnight, everyone! I left my heart in San Francisco, and I am SO glad Nick asked me to go with him to meet all the wonderful people we've become friends with through his animation school. I cannot wait to go back! 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Days 89 - 90 Being Sick Sucks

Sunday was a lovely day, but I had some concerns because I woke up with an itchy throat. I usually wake up with a dry throat in the morning, so I didn't think anything of it as the day went on.

I did a 30 minute upper body workout with free weights in my living room in the morning before church. I did 3 sets of 12 reps of 6 different lifts with 8lb dumbbells and I did 40 (modified) pushups.

For breakfast, I had 2 slices of wheat bread with peanut butter and honey with a glass of nonfat milk.

After church, I had a lovely lunch with my parents and Nick's Uncle Steve at Schlotzky's. I had a small turkey & bacon club sandwich with 1/2 a bag of barbecue chips.

The rest of Sunday was some nice girl time with my mom at the mall and at Kohl's to do a little shopping. I needed to get a few new tops because a lot of mine are actually starting to be too big on me! Yay! I found lots of amazing bargains and I didn't break my budget. My mom also got me a couple of great and much-needed items, so thank you Ma! 

When we were done shopping, we met back up with my dad at my apartment and he bought us some Chinese take-out from Great China. The 3 of us shared some hot and sour soup and an order of lo mein.

My dad also got some turon (plantains rolled in eggroll wrappers and deep fried), so I ate 1/2 of one for dessert.

It was around this time when I started feeling my throat being more itchy again. I automatically drank a ton of water and took a bunch of vitamins, but to my dismay, it did not help.

I tossed and turned all night long because my sinuses were clogged and my throat was very sore. Really? Why now? Why on the week when I'm planning to go out of state? UGH.

I woke up Monday morning sounding like a MAN because my voice was so messed up thanks to all the lovely mucous that built up overnight. A shower helped clear things up a little bit, but I wanted to get this thing before it got any worse. I went to the clinic in Fannett to see my Uncle and get some meds to kill whatever bug has crept into my body.

Before I left, I had some buttered toast and a huge glass or Red Orange juice.

My mom gave me a shot, and I got some antibiotics and cough syrup prescribed by my Uncle Rogie. I took the meds, trudged back home, and took a much needed 3 hour nap.

Nick stopped by for a little while to bring me some soup for lunch when I woke up. I had another helping of hot and sour soup and some spicy Mongolian chicken.  Hot and sour soup is definitely fantastic for opening up the sinuses.

About an hour after we ate, I went back to sleep for another 3 hours and woke up to drink a couple of glasses of water and a cup of hot tea.

I had a bowl of the other kind of soup Nick brought me for supper. (Wonton soup)

I did some research online to see if working out while you have a cold is a good idea, and it says as long as all your ailments are in your head and not your chest, it's OK. I was too sleepy to try anything today, but I might see how I feel tomorrow after a better night's sleep with the assistance of the cough syrup I got today. 

Most of me wants to stick to taking it easy, though. I do not want to get worse and ruin or cancel my trip to California by being sick! I've got 2 days to feel better. I think I can do it!! It's driving me a little crazy not being able to work out, but I know rest is necessary. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 88: A Day Full of Good.

Hey, All.

It's been a lovely Saturday! I woke up at about 7:45, cleaned up a bit, and ate breakfast at about 8:30.

I had a gluten free blueberry waffle with some honey drizzled over it for breakfast.

At around 9:15, I headed to see my lovely friends the Pascuas to help them with one of my Ina Anak's (Godchild's) 1st birthday party invitations. I took some pictures of MJ, checked out what Michelle (his mama) had in mind for the invite, and I helped her and her dad with a few computer things while I was there as well.

This is my 4th Godchild, MJ!
(Short for Michael Jr.) Isn't he too cute!?
I was lucky enough to still be around to join them for lunch! Tita Wilma made a yummy lunch of tilapia, corned beef with potatoes, rice, and this fantastic tomato, mango, and cucumber salad with a sweet rice vinaigrette. I wasn't able to eat any of the tilapia that Tita Wilma made because I am allergic to it. :( It was so sad...it looked DELICIOUS!

I had a helping and a half of this.
I also drank about 2 1/2 big glasses of water while I was there!

I left their house at about 2:00, and I worked on MJ's invitation for the next few hours. At around 7:00, I headed out to the hike & bike trail and conquered 11 WINDY miles in the lovely post rain weather. I love biking at this time of day because it's still bright enough to feel safe yet it's not scorching hot out so breathing isn't a hassle. There were lots of other people who feel the same way, too. Sometimes I'd like to stop and meet some of the people I see regularly at the hike and bike trail, but at the same time I want to be done quickly and make sure that I work as hard as I can while I'm there. I always manage to smile at people as I bike past them, though. Perhaps I'll become known as the smiling cyclist! hah!

I got home at about 8:00, took a shower, and had a late supper at 9. I ate a leftover chicken breast from a couple of nights ago, some garlic shell pasta, and some more of that fantastic cucumber/tomato/mango salad that Tita Wilma so graciously packed up for me. I'll definitely be making this salad on my own in the future!!

That's all for today, folks. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, which will be my rearranged rest day. I *might* sneak some upper body work in in the morning, but we will see how early I'm able to rise. I was in a bit of a panic a couple of weeks ago when I worked out before mass and BARELY made it on time. If I do work out before church tomorrow, I think I'll stick to a Sworkit workout or something else I find online. Tomorrow will also be fun because I plan to get a few new duds with my mom since some of my clothes are actually starting to get too big for me! Woo! 

So goodnight, friends and followers. I am thankful to all of you who are still reading and cheering me on! I know my entries have seemed a bit boring/repetitive lately, and I want to shift things back into better focus soon. 

Day 87: Didn't Rest Today

Fridays are usually my day off from working out, but I didn't feel like I did enough Thursday.

Breakfast was nonfat milk and cereal.

Lunch was leftover salmon, baby carrots, and wheat spaghetti with pineapple for dessert.

When I got off work, I went straight to the hike & bike trail and biked 11 miles. Thankfully, the wind wasn't too insane, and the weather was simply lovely so the bike ride was easy to get through, but by the end of it, I was STARVING. 

I stopped by Nick's house to visit for a few minutes, and I ate about 8 multigrain Tostitos Scoops chips and I drank a can of this sparkling clementine beverage that he has. It's VERY tangy...

Surprisingly, those few chips and that one can of sparkly stuff kept me full for the rest of the night!

I went back to my apartment, took a shower, and crashed. That's all! :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 86

Found out why I've been so tired! Gotta love being a girl. I don't like to usually throw the whole "time of the month" excuse out there often, but MY GAH it makes a difference! Right now, all I want to do is eat my weight in several flavors of ice cream, maybe some chicken wings, wash it all down with a cream soda float, curl up on the couch, and fall asleep while watching the news.

Luckily, none of that happened, and none of that WILL happen, but I can't say I didn't indulge a little today. We'll get to that later.

Anywho, I had a very small breakfast this morning because I knew I'd be going out for lunch today. I enjoyed a Nature Valley peanut butter granola bar.

I had lunch with my friend Craig and a few others at Chilis, which I haven't been to in YEARS. I try to avoid chain restaurants such as this one like the plague, but these were special circumstances and, well, it was free. 

I made sure to restrict myself ONLY to the menu items that claimed to be 700 calories and under (GOOD GRIEF that's sad if that's the lowest they can go! My usual lunches are only between 300-500!)

I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich on a wheat bun with a side of broccoli. I washed it all down with 3 glasses of water, and I ate probably about 20 chips. Those chips will get you every time...

After work, I headed home and I did a 25 minute workout with one of the old DVDs I've had since either late high school or early college. The cheesy 90's-ish music that was in it was pretty hilarious. It was a "full body workout" that came with this huge yoga ball (the very same one we used in this video). It's funny because while I did the workout on this DVD, I didn't feel like I was working hard enough at all compared to the things I usually do. 

Which brings me to my next concern. AM I working hard enough? I know there are some results happening with the weight loss and my (usually) higher energy levels, but I feel like I could be working harder and pushing myself more. I know part of myself is holding back because I don't want to re-injure or injure anything else on my body, and I think another part of me is actually SCARED of succeeding.

Sounds crazy, right? Why would I be SCARED of having a rockin' bod and being in amazing shape? Thing is, I have NO bloody idea. I'm nuts for having a fear of this, right?

I did such a short workout this evening because I had some MUCH needed hairapy I needed to receive this evening. I trekked over to Tanglz and got my hair cut by my dear and lovely friend, Anna. She does an EXCELLENT job, so if you're ever in the Southeast Texas area and are in need of a trim/cut/color, Anna's your girl. Make sure you like her on Facebook at Anna at Tanglz!

Isn't it great how a new
haircut can make you feel like
a whole new person?
When I got home, I was finally hungry again, so I made myself some dinner. More skinless chicken, rice, and a tomato! I ate 3 pickled okra too, but they aren't pictured here.

And that's all for today, folks. I might not rest tomorrow because I didn't feel like I did enough today, but we'll see what happens. Goodnight, Day 86! Thanks for being a better day than yesterday.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 85: Workout/Life Balance

I'm more tired than usual today. Heat? Hormones? Lack of sleep? Yes.

I arrived at work with some sad news this morning. My friend Markette didn't make it into the Top 3 for the Live! With Kelly Co-host search. I've been pretty bummed about it all day, but I know that this isn't the end of the road for her! I am so very thankful to all of you who took the time to register, vote, and share all the promotions and links for her during the past couple of weeks!

I had cereal with nonfat milk for breakfast.

We had a staff awards ceremony at work at 1:30, so I didn't eat lunch since I knew there was going to be cake (and other possible snacks). Boy, was I right!

Not the most healthy lunch, but at least I didn't eat a to of it. I also had about 5 pita chips in my office and 2 prunes.

When I got off work, I went to the hike & bike trail after I got changed out of my work clothes. I only biked 9 miles today because my energy levels were just not very good, and I had laundry to do. The wind was stronger than it's been in a really long time, so I struggled to get through that as well.

 I have to remind myself that It's OK to decrease my workout time every once in a while to do things that NEED to get done (such as laundry)! It's been a challenge to maintain a workout/life balance, especially this month with all the social activities I've had going. 

When I got back home, I started laundry and I made myself supper. I cooked a salmon filet, some whole wheat angel hair pasta, and I boiled some baby carrots.

It's nice to have all this stuff done before 8:30 for once! I still have laundry going, but I could actually do something ELSE tonight like work on my website! 

So goodnight, all. Day 85 had its little hiccups, but overall, it wasn't so bad. Day 86, I look forward to meeting you.