Saturday, May 26, 2012


May 25th! It's been exactly ONE MONTH since I started!

I've lost between 4-6 pounds (It keeps fluctuating like crazy), and I've lost about 2 inches overall! Yay!

Breakfast was as usual with a bowl of cereal and 2% milk.
I left work earlier than usual, and I was able to get lunch on the way home.

So...uh...I caved. I had Jack in the Box. I got a sourdough chicken sandwich, a coke, and a small fry... And you know what? I don't feel TOO terrible about it! I did at first, though. In fact, I was so ashamed that I didn't take any pictures of my food. But you have my word that I DID NOT finish the entire meal.

I drank about 1/2 of the Coke, I ate about 2/3 of the sandwich, and 2/3 of the fries.

In order to make myself feel less guilty, I hit the hike and bike HARD at around 3:00...
I biked 15 miles in about 1 hour and 45 minutes. I didn't let myself lower the gear to make the workout easier because I knew I had just eaten something awful for me, and I wanted a challenge.

This was probably the most challenging bike ride I've ever done! It was really hot (I usually bike at around 6 or 7 in the evening), and the wind was ruthless. I even found myself cursing the wind a time or was that rough. I discovered that it helps ease the resistance if I sway the handlebars back and forth when it's extremely windy like it was today. Huh, who knew? I was practically the only one on the trail with the exception of 3 others, so I didn't feel too weird with all the grunting I had to do to get through it.

I was HURTING by the time I was done. I wore my knee brace to help keep my knee from hurting, and it helped a great deal, but unfortunately, I hurt my back trying to refold my bike! Back in March, I hurt my back while I was cleaning Nick's bathroom when the home health nurses were tending to his dad, and I think I reactivated this injury today. I'm so mad at myself! I had been so good about bending at my knees for 2 months, and ONE stupid move, and it spasmed again. I'm truly irritated with myself because this hinders me form doing my absolute best!

I will still work out tomorrow, but I think I will just do a brisk walk.

It took me longer to shower and get dressed for my evening out with my friends to see "Pirates of Penzance" again thanks to my stiff back. We all met at the New York Pizza & Pasta on Calder. I wasn't very hungry, so I decided to get a chicken salad and 1 slice of pizza. I didn't realize how ENORMOUS the chicken salad was! I wanted a small, but I did not know that they did not have that option...

This was after I shoveled off the metric ton
of cheese that was piled on top... 

I barely ate any of it. It wasn't very good...
The chicken wasn't bad, I guess.
The dressing was awful.
I should have just ordered 1 slice &  no salad...
Alisa  and all the cast and musicians did an AMAZING job yet again. We (My friends Amy, Jimmy, Anna, Anthony, Michelle and I) went together.  It was such a wonderful evening with good friends! I truly needed that time to relax with them, and I'm so grateful that we've all kept in touch after all these years.

Anna, her husband Anthony, Michelle, and I decided to extend the evening out a little longer after the show and get a drink before we called it a night. We went to the Koi Japanese Sushi Bar & Lounge and shared some sushi. I had 1 martini! This is the first time I've had alcohol in over a month, so I figured it was alright. I only ate 1 piece of 2 kinds of sushi and they were DELICIOUS. I hope to go back during the summer sometime! Thanks to Anna & Anthony for treating us!

I don't feel too bad about rewarding myself today a little. I actually think I deserve it, but I am also motivated to work harder. After I had the Jack in the Box, I feel like it wasn't really that great and I haven't been missing too much. Perhaps this little cheat was a help?

Bring on month two! I'm looking forward to making more progress in my journey!