Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 14: 2 Weeks & Feeling Awesome

Hey, All!

I'm happy to say I've lost a little more weight! I'll be posting my poundage every week. :)

For Breakfast, I had another HUGE banana and 4 oz Vanilla Activia with 1 cup of water.

Lunch:  Kashi Chicken Fettuccine Steam Meal. I was curious to check these meals out since I don't always have time to prepare something the night before. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either. It's only 238 calories, but the sodium content is ridiculous as most frozen foods are. As far as frozen meals go, I think these are some of the healthiest on the market, but someone correct me if I'm wrong. I had another 2 cups of water.


I had a snack of Planters Nut•Trition Energy Mix at around 3 p.m. with another cup of water.

I'm debating on what I want to do for cardio this evening. I think I will start out with a workout on Pinterest first and then do my 45 minutes either on the bike or the treadmill. I'm much too tired to do any extra training once I get back to my apartment after climbing 3 flights of stairs and finishing my 45 minute workout, so I figure I should try to reverse things and do weights before cardio (after a warm up, of course).


Just got DRENCHED by the rain getting home. Good grief. Definitely no biking today, and I don't want to get my new shoes drenched, so it looks like I'll have to find some good workouts to do online.

6:24 p.m.
Just finished doing this:

I added two 8 lb weights while doing the squats. I also did modified pushups (on my knees). I'm sweating like crazy! The 45 squats and the 40 pushups almost killed me! I just broke everything down into smaller groups. 

6:35 p.m.

Now I just finished doing this:

6:47 p.m.
Weight & water break....
My. Legs. Are. Sweating. Thank goodness for my handy dandy interval timer app!

6:52 p.m.
Just finished doing 3 sets of free weights...
12 bicep curls (8 lbs)
12 Two-Armed tricep extensions (8 lbs)
12 shoulder presses (5 lbs)
12 lateral raises (5 lbs)
12 front raises (5 lbs)

I think the 5 lbs are too light for me now. I might need to buy some 10 lb dumbbells.

Aaand I finish with 100 more jumping jacks.


Dinner time! I know I go to this meal a lot, but it's easy and I'm not tired of it yet, so...here goes chicken breast, rice, and veggies again!

Like I said, my apetite hasn't been that big lately. I know I need to eat, though. I got some fresh strawberries during my last grocery trip, so I decided to make a sugar free smoothie with strawberries, milk, and vanilla kefir.

I just wanted a taste. I froze the rest and will enjoy it throughout the week!

So now, the two week reveal! I've lost.........

YAY! I've lost 5 pounds in two weeks! No tricks, no gimmicks, no crazy diets. Just hard work, better foods, smaller portions, and more water! I am so motivated to keep this up. Thank you all so much again for your support! 

Bring on Day 15 tomorrow, baby! I have to work late again, but I'm STILL going to make sure to put in my time! Let's do this.