Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 37: 11 More Miles

Sorry for the late post, everyone.

I decided to do some work on my website last night instead of blogging. As I posted on Day 1, one of my major goals right now other than getting healthy is to get my work out there for more freelance opportunities by making my website/digital portfolio. I was able to find a good deal with Deviant Art, and I have finally begun my work! Their services offer exactly what I need without me having to overthink my design too much. I just need something simple that will display my work, and I feel that the daportfolio site is perfect for what I want to get out there.

But before my website time, I worked out! hit the hike & bike again and biked another 11 miles. I always like to try to go as far as I can for as long as I can, and 11 always seems to be just enough before I get extremely exhausted.

Breakfast was cereal & 2% milk.

Lunch was the last of my delicious healthier eggplant parmesan, and I snacked on lots of fruit in the afternoon.

For supper, I ate 2 small pieces of Longonisa (Filipino sweet sausage) with rice and a tomato. I had half a bowl of oatmeal for dessert. (This was before my bike ride). 

My new weighing scale came in yesterday, too! According to it, I am 142.8 pounds! I like this new scale already! haha My old scale still says I'm at 144, though. I guess I'll keep weighing myself on both since I started on the cheap crappy one... Haha we'll see! At least with the new scale, I can now start taking photos of my weight after I step off the scale to prove to everyone that I really am the weight I've claimed to be. 

I shall blog about Day 38 later tonight. See you guys again later!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 36: I Feel Better Than I Did 10 Years Ago!

It was a bit of an unusual day today. I didn't go to work until about 10 this morning because I had a dentist appointment at 9.

I plopped this bad boy onto my fridge last night when I found myself wanting to eat when I wasn't hungry... I snapped a pic of it while I was munching on my breakfast.

I started my morning with some apple cinnamon oatmeal, and then I headed out to the dentist. Yay, no cavities!

Back at work, I realized that I forgot my lunch that I packed last night at home, so I went back to my apartment to eat at about 12:45. I enjoyed about 8 blue corn tortilla chips, a 1tbsp of guacamole, a chicken breast, and some more of that yummy mashed cauliflower. I washed it down with a can of coconut juice.

Work was smelly today since they're painting and changing the carpet in some of the offices in our hallway. I'm so thankful I didn't get a headache...

When I got home, I wasn't quite hungry enough for dinner yet. I ate a banana, drank a bunch of water, and I headed out to the Hike & Bike Trail.

I racked up 11 miles today and worked up a glorious sweat. There were a lot of people there this evening! I had to slow down a lot to avoid people who were walking the wrong way (grrr). While I was putting away my bike, a random car stopped and the people in it were waving at me. I had NO idea who it was at first, but it ended up being my 'niece,' Helen and her friend Cassandra (whom I had never met before tonight). They are both graduating from my good ol' alma mater this weekend (Hamshire-Fannett), so I decided to invite them over to hang out at my place for a little while!

I introduced Helen & Cassandra to my healthier eggplant parmesan and the mashed cauliflower, and they were impressed! I got to give them a few pointers about college and gab a bit about the teachers who are still at old H-F... It was a lovely evening all around!

I forgot to take a true before picture.
That eggplant was a circle in the beginning.
I ate everything on the plate seen here.
It was while I was talking to them that I was reminded of how it has been 10 years since I stood in their shoes. I graduated high school 10 years ago....clueless, scared, excited, sad, lost....and unhealthy. I basically did not like who I was back then, and I was scared of everything! Food and sleep were comforting, so I leaned on those things a lot. This was also before I found out about my hypothyroidism, so that explained the 4 hour naps on top of the 12 hours I slept at night I took during my first semester of college. It also did not help that I ate pizza a few times a week, fresh baked cookies every night with dinner, and all the fried and fantastic restaurants that Texas A&M and College Station had to offer during my 2 years there did NOT treat me well. 

10 years and two Lamar University degrees later, I have tons of energy, I'm eating right, I'm exercising most days, and I have a much better idea of who I am and what I want to accomplish in my life. I wish I could have had this kind of energy and motivation back then! It almost makes me wonder if things would have turned out differently, but I am actually really happy with where I am today. I feel SO much better than I did 10 years ago in so many different ways. It's fun to look back on occasion, but sadness thrives in those who live in the past. I love today, and I am glad that I am on this healthier journey and that I am in a better place!

Cheers to you, class of 2012! Enjoy the next 10 years...they fly by REALLY fast!

Day 37 tomorrow! Whaaat? Craziness! 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 35: Week 5!

Tuesdays...they seem to zoom by!

I had my typical weekday breakfast of cereal & 2% milk this morning.

Lunch consisted of my wonderful leftovers from yesterday's cooking fest. I brought some of the eggplant parmesan, 1 turkey meatball, and the mashed cauliflower, which tasted much better today!

I drove to my parents' house in Fannett after work, and I wanted to help tidy up a bit and help my dad make something for supper. They had some DiGiorno frozen pizza, so we popped one in the oven and I did a quick, but seemingly effective workout with a new mobile app that my friend Krystal shared with me yesterday!

It's called Sworkit! You can either use it on their website (click the Sworkit link in the previous sentence) OR you can download the app to your iPhone or Android. It's randomized circuit training workouts that give you exercises to do in the allotted time that you assign it. So whether you have 5 minutes or 60 minutes, you can fit in SOMETHING to your day!

I did a 10 minute workout while I waited for the pizza to bake, and it was intense! It had me do different things ever 30 seconds. I did 30 second intervals of burpees, V-sit ups, leg lifts, diamond pushups, regular pushups, planking, and this other move, but I can't remember the name of it, with a couple 30 second breaks until 10 minutes had passed.

After that, it was choir practice time until almost 9, so my day was done! I got home to a package sitting by my door, too! I ordered a convection oven online because it's already getting RIDICULOUSLY hot outside, and living on the 3rd floor in 100 degree weather makes using the oven an undesirable option. Not only that, but if I cook any meats, it will allow the fats to drip off to the bottom of the container. I got a good deal on it on for only $72. These types of ovens are usually at least $129 - $169, so I was happy about this find.

I like this particular one because the cooking container is glass instead of plastic. My parents have a plastic one, and it is all scratched up and etched. The container is also removable from the black holders, so it makes it easier to clean in the sink.

Well, this is Day 35, so 5 weeks have gone by! I've lost a couple of pounds, too!

We've seen this number before, but hey, I'm glad it went down this time! Only 4 measly pounds until I lose my first 10! I want to make this happen in the next two weeks! Here's hoping I can do it! I've been feeling old habits trying to creep back up on me, so I have to remember how far I've come, and what goals I want to achieve! Thanks to everyone who is still reading and encouraging me out there! 

Day 36, here's hoping there is much sweat and no cavities! (Dentist in the morning!) See ya!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 34: A Day of Cooking

Yay for a day off! A sincere and special thank you to the men and women who've made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, today and every day!

I woke up early and enjoyed a peanut butter sandwich on wheat with a banana for breakfast.

The sandwich was crazy filling!
I couldn't finish!
I had to work a little bit on freelance stuff today, but it was good stuff! Can't say what I worked on (yet), but I'm happy to be a part of it!

Otherwise, I got to cook some healthy food for the week! I made some amazing eggplant parmesan, turkey meatballs, and mashed cauliflower!

The baked eggplant before adding the marinara...
I could have eaten it like this! 

The eggplant parmesan is a recipe I got from the 17 Day Diet I did last year. It uses non-fat parmesan cheese, 1 large eggplant, and low carb marinara sauce. It's DELICIOUS and I highly recommend it!

As for the turkey meatballs, they were a big experiment, but they turned out SO yummy! I used ground turkey, 1/2 a chopped yellow onion, 5 cloves chopped garlic, about 2 tbsp of Emeril Lagasse's chicken rub, and about 15 crushed Kashi Toasted Asiago crackers. I cooked them in olive oil about 5 minutes on each side... I definitely plan to make these again.

This is what I had for lunch. I devoured it!
I was too full to eat the cauliflower.
The mashed cauliflower is almost just like mashed potatoes, but a little more watery. I like it a lot! I seasoned it with garlic powder, about 1 tbsp of kosher salt, and 2 tbsp of pepper. I also added 1/4 cup butter and 1/4 cup milk. Cauliflower is more watery than potatoes, so don't use too much milk when you make it.

I should be able to eat this stuff for the next 2 or 3 days! I'm happy with all of it!

I snacked on another turkey meatball in the afternoon.

I got to spend time with Nick today, too. He brought me to the yogurt spot, and I had 1/2 cup of cheesecake yogurt and 1/2 cup taro yogurt! 

I was too full to eat supper tonight, so I just relaxed the rest of the evening.

I didn't work out too much today. I climbed my stairs 3 times, which definitely got my heart pumping hard, but I wasn't feeling working out today. I cooked and cleaned ALL DAY long, so I figure I probably burned enough calories doing all that!

Looking forward to another day tomorrow. Back to work we go! Tomorrow's Tuesday, so I'll be working out in Fannett before choir practice. See ya, Day 34!

Day 33: Sunday Funday

What a wonderful Sunday!

I got up early so I could get my workout done because I knew I had a full day ahead of me. 

I had half of a banana before I headed to the apartment gym.

Since I was in a time crunch, I only
worked for 1/2 hour.
My knee still is giving  me problems, so I only power walked. I want to wait until I see a doctor before I try running again. I worked up a good sweat!

After my workout, I finished the banana and
I had a bowl of apple cinnamon oatmeal.
After church, my parents and I went to Schlotzky's with Nick's Uncle Steve for lunch. I got a small turkey sandwich with water and no chips. I did snag about 10 chips from my mom and dad, though.

After lunch, I brought my dad back to my apartment so he could rest while my mom went shopping. As much as I wish I could have gone shopping, I need to take it easy on the spending this month. My dad and I enjoyed a Bee Gees documentary on Netflix and got to finish the last few minutes of it with my mom. 

After they left, Nick and I headed to Port Neches to spend the evening/night with my dear friend Michelle and her famiy since she was in from out of town. There is always too much fun to be had at the Whitlow's! They grilled some amazing barbecue, and I didn't do too much damage, at least not at first...

Cheesy potatoes, chicken & grilled pineapple! 
I got one more serving of potatoes and I split
another half of a pineapple with Nick.
It was so relaxing to spend time with my dear friends. Amy and Jimmy were there too, so we got to have a lovely visit for a few hours. 

Later in the evening, they started a little bonfire and we had smores! This is where I was pretty bad. It's a super rare occasion for me to have smores, so I got a little carried away and I had 2. I wasn't able to finish the 2nd one, though.

It's days like these when I am beyond grateful for being the sentimental fool that I am. Out of my group of friends, I seem to be the one who tries to gather us back together the most. I used to think it might get on everyone's nerves or that I was trying too hard, but I'm beginning to learn that my friends appreciate that I make the effort! Life is so busy, and when we don't make time to enjoy ourselves, we can become sad or unmotivated. I know that this is a health and fitness blog, so this shpiel about friendship may seem a bit out of place, but I truly believe that acquiring and maintaining happy, loving relationships with people is an essential part of being healthy! Mental health is one of the biggest influences on physical health, and true friendships are one of the best allies to have when it comes to being happy and well. 

Tomorrow I will be back at the healthy eating game. I didn't do TERRIBLY today, but I want to try to do better tomorrow. These holiday weekends are tough! haha 

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everybody! I hope you're all having a fun weekend so far, and please enjoy your day off tomorrow if you get one! If you have to work tomorrow, my empathy is with you! I used to only get Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year off at my old job! And of course, many thanks to the reason for this holiday. Our fighters for freedom. Thank you!

Day 33 (Memorial Day) should be a good one. Enjoy it, everyone!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 32: Another Productive Saturday

I rarely find myself just sitting on my butt and doing nothing anymore. I always feel like I need to be doing SOMETHING, and I'm glad. Keeping myself busy prevents me from worrying too much about issues that I know about, but have no control over. Keeping busy and active also helps me realize which issues are my problem and how to prioritize them accordingly. It's crazy how not having time to sit and think makes you think more! Yay, thinking.

I woke up unusually early this morning for a Saturday (about 7:45ish). I got to skype with my cousin and my Goddaughter for almost 2 hours, too!

While I skyped with them, I enjoyed a rather big breakfast because I offered to do some grocery shopping for my parents today, and I didn't want to be hungry during my trips...

Are those almost perfectly
round scrambled eggs or what?
I got tired of the taste, so I couldn't finish...
And a bowl of apple cinnamon oatmeal
I goofed off with my Goddaughter by giving her "instructions' on how to make instant oatmeal via skype. Apparently she thought it was entertaining. haha! Good to know that 8-month-olds find me fun.

After breakfast, I cleaned up my apartment a bit, and I headed out to the stores. I had to stop at 3 different places, so it was quite a long day out. I'm happy that I was able to pick up a lot of fruit and veggies! Many yummy foods to come for the next week or two. 

When I got back, I did laundry and then I headed to the hike & bike. I brought my back brace this time to support me when I lifted the bike in and out of the car, and it was a perfect help! My bike even has a little tension holder on the back where I can keep it during the ride. I tried to ride while wearing it for a while, but it hindered my breathing. 

While I was on my first lap, I ran into my dear friend Amy! Yay! I passed by her 4 times and we got to chat a little bit, so that made me happy as always. I ended up doing a total of 11 miles today. I didn't bike as hard or as fast as I've been the past couple of times I've been out because I don't want to re-injure my back or overwork my knees. What a drag it is getting old. ;)

When I got back, I was STARVING, so I made myself a plate of a piece of rotisserie chicken I picked up from Sam's, some rice, and a cucumber that my boss lady gave me. 

I hate how much I love chicken skin,
but I didn't eat it! :)
For dessert, I had a couple spoonfuls of this No Sugar Added vanilla Blue Bell ice cream that my friend Katy told me about. I've been missing ice cream like crazy, so before I went nuts and bought 3 gallons of regular Blue Bell, I went ahead and bought myself a pint of the sugar free vanilla. It's not as decadent as the regular, but it still made me happy!

That pretty much summed up my Saturday. It feels like I did way more than what I typed here... Hmm, oh well.

Goodnight, all! I want to try to wake up early tomorrow and visit my old friend the treadmill before I have to go to church. It's been over a week since I've been on it! I'll be sporting my knee brace, too. 

Day 33 awaits!


May 25th! It's been exactly ONE MONTH since I started!

I've lost between 4-6 pounds (It keeps fluctuating like crazy), and I've lost about 2 inches overall! Yay!

Breakfast was as usual with a bowl of cereal and 2% milk.
I left work earlier than usual, and I was able to get lunch on the way home.

So...uh...I caved. I had Jack in the Box. I got a sourdough chicken sandwich, a coke, and a small fry... And you know what? I don't feel TOO terrible about it! I did at first, though. In fact, I was so ashamed that I didn't take any pictures of my food. But you have my word that I DID NOT finish the entire meal.

I drank about 1/2 of the Coke, I ate about 2/3 of the sandwich, and 2/3 of the fries.

In order to make myself feel less guilty, I hit the hike and bike HARD at around 3:00...
I biked 15 miles in about 1 hour and 45 minutes. I didn't let myself lower the gear to make the workout easier because I knew I had just eaten something awful for me, and I wanted a challenge.

This was probably the most challenging bike ride I've ever done! It was really hot (I usually bike at around 6 or 7 in the evening), and the wind was ruthless. I even found myself cursing the wind a time or was that rough. I discovered that it helps ease the resistance if I sway the handlebars back and forth when it's extremely windy like it was today. Huh, who knew? I was practically the only one on the trail with the exception of 3 others, so I didn't feel too weird with all the grunting I had to do to get through it.

I was HURTING by the time I was done. I wore my knee brace to help keep my knee from hurting, and it helped a great deal, but unfortunately, I hurt my back trying to refold my bike! Back in March, I hurt my back while I was cleaning Nick's bathroom when the home health nurses were tending to his dad, and I think I reactivated this injury today. I'm so mad at myself! I had been so good about bending at my knees for 2 months, and ONE stupid move, and it spasmed again. I'm truly irritated with myself because this hinders me form doing my absolute best!

I will still work out tomorrow, but I think I will just do a brisk walk.

It took me longer to shower and get dressed for my evening out with my friends to see "Pirates of Penzance" again thanks to my stiff back. We all met at the New York Pizza & Pasta on Calder. I wasn't very hungry, so I decided to get a chicken salad and 1 slice of pizza. I didn't realize how ENORMOUS the chicken salad was! I wanted a small, but I did not know that they did not have that option...

This was after I shoveled off the metric ton
of cheese that was piled on top... 

I barely ate any of it. It wasn't very good...
The chicken wasn't bad, I guess.
The dressing was awful.
I should have just ordered 1 slice &  no salad...
Alisa  and all the cast and musicians did an AMAZING job yet again. We (My friends Amy, Jimmy, Anna, Anthony, Michelle and I) went together.  It was such a wonderful evening with good friends! I truly needed that time to relax with them, and I'm so grateful that we've all kept in touch after all these years.

Anna, her husband Anthony, Michelle, and I decided to extend the evening out a little longer after the show and get a drink before we called it a night. We went to the Koi Japanese Sushi Bar & Lounge and shared some sushi. I had 1 martini! This is the first time I've had alcohol in over a month, so I figured it was alright. I only ate 1 piece of 2 kinds of sushi and they were DELICIOUS. I hope to go back during the summer sometime! Thanks to Anna & Anthony for treating us!

I don't feel too bad about rewarding myself today a little. I actually think I deserve it, but I am also motivated to work harder. After I had the Jack in the Box, I feel like it wasn't really that great and I haven't been missing too much. Perhaps this little cheat was a help?

Bring on month two! I'm looking forward to making more progress in my journey!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 30: I Need Some Advice from the Ladies

I am soooo tired.

My knee has been bothering me more today, so I decided not to bike or run and I focused on upper body and core strength training today instead. I don't feel like I worked enough, but I'm also feeling beyond exhausted!

I did 20 pushups, 20 situps, 2 sets of my usual upper body dumbell workout, some leg work that I learned from about a month ago, 20 reverse situps, 20 squat thrusts, and 20 tricep dips. I don't feel like it was nearly enough, but I could barely last through those things. I think I shall turn in early tonight.

Dehydration. Fatigue. Cravings. Yeah....

I forgot my Tervis Tumbler at home again today, so I didn't have any water pretty much all day except very early this morning, and as soon as I got back to my apartment. I DEFINITELY feel the difference compared to when I have enough water, and I doubt I'll forget my water now after today.

Breakfast was my usual bowl of cereal and 2% milk.

Lunch was leftover shrimp with a little rice. I added about 1 tbsp of balsamic vinegar to the shrimp, but I didn't take a picture.  Bleh, sorry!

I had a cup of vanilla Activia as a snack at around 3:00.

My energy levels are way down this week. And (sorry if this grosses anyone out, especially the dudes), but I'm pretty sure that I'm PMSing, so the fatigue is kicking my BUTT. I'm struggling with battling monstrous cravings, my face is breaking out, and my lower back is hurting (not from working out), so I'm pretty darn sure I know what's on its way.  Oh, joy... 

Any fellow ladies out there who work out regularly have any tips for dealing with these lovely symptoms and still having the strength and energy to get a good workout? I feel like I'm in a fog and like I haven't slept in two days!

I got home feeling famished, and I had another crazy monster craving. I got coupons in the mail for Jack in the Box (eew, I know), but their blasted fake food marketing looked so yummy. I literally had to sit on the couch and talk myself OUT of going there for about 20 minutes. This is insane. I never want Jack in the Box. EVER. I guess it's just because I know I shouldn't have it, and I've been craving French fries all week. YOU GUYS, my friends and readers, helped me get out of this craving. All I could think of was what I had to put on my blog tonight, and how much I didn't want to disappoint anyone. Thank you!!!

So I cooked this instead:

skinless chicken filet, rice, tomato
I know it seems like I only know how to cook this one dish sometimes, but it really is the easiest thing for me to make when I'm tired. I have many other recipes that I can make, but they're all so fattening! I might break out my good old 17 Day Diet recipes next week. I tried that diet late last year, and it actually made me lose quite a bit of weight in a very short amount of time! I lost 12 pounds in about 2 weeks. I felt good because my body had cleansed itself of a lot of processed sugars, and I'm thinking of starting it, or an adjusted version of it, again. It's very reasonable, and I'm sure that with my new workout routine, I'll be able to lose more too.

Alright, friends. I can't think anymore. I'm out for the night! Sorry if this entry seemed all over the place. I am truly tired.

I'm looking forward to my evening tomorrow with some friends, and I'm hoping my knee is up to some cardio! I know Fridays are usually my day off, but I don't feel like I worked hard enough today, so I will go for it tomorrow. I might do my Day 30 blog a day late since I will be out late tomorrow night.

See you tomorrow, Day 30!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 29: Just Another Day, & I'm Glad.

Breakfast was as usual.

I got to have lunch with my pal Craig, too. We wanted to go to the dining hall at Lamar, but apparently they're closed until June 6th, so we went to Kampus Korner instead.

As anyone who went to LU knows, Kampus Korner isn't exactly known for its healthy choices. I ended up getting a barbecue chicken sandwich.

It was nice to walk from LIT and across the LU campus. It was a bit hot outside, but I love that walk. It's a little over 1 mile to walk back and forth the way I took.

I had 6 multi-grain pita chips and about 1 tbsp of hummus as a snack at about 3:00 this afternoon.

After work, I drank a big glass of water and then I headed out to the Hike & Bike. I was able to do 13 miles in about an hour today. The wind was EVIL! The windy lap was like trying to bike through a wind tunnel, and I truly struggled to keep going then, but I did it!

My knee is still super sensitive, so I purchased a knee brace after my bike ride. I'm hoping it'll help when I try to run again. I'll try it out tomorrow.

When I got back, I made myself a shrimp salad. My mom gave me 2 big ziplock bags of seafood (1 unpeeled shrimp and 1 squid) on Sunday, so I decided to boil a few shrimp. 

No need for seasonings on those shrimp!
They were so good! 
That was pretty much it! It wasn't exactly the most eventful day, but I'm actually thankful. We all need these simple seemingly routine days between the chaos, right? A good workout, some yummy food, and good lunch company made for a good day.

I also purchased a new weighing scale, but it won't arrive here for a few more days since I bought it online. The scale I have now was one of those cheap $8 ones from Target, and it's been hard to know if it's accurate since it reads something different EVERY time I step on it! I also got a new convection oven that will help me cook without having to heat up my entire apartment during the upcoming scorching summer months. It will also drain the grease and fat off of any meat I may decide to cook! I got a pretty good deal on it, so I'm pretty happy.

30 Days tomorrow! Wow, I can't believe it! Practically a month of making better choices and working hard has flown by. I feel better than I have in a long time, despite some scary things that are going on, and for that I am truly thankful.

Till then, goodnight, all!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 28: Gaining Muscle, I Hope...

Breakfast was some fantastic apple cinnamon oatmeal.

Lunch was pretty blech. I decided to try to finish the leftover wheat crust pizza I made last week, and that was an awful idea. It was NOT tasty anymore.

The only reason I ate that much was
because I was HUNGRY.
I had a snack of white cheddar popcorn at around 3:00.

I had to head to Fannett for choir practice after work, and since my parents haven't had the chance to grocery shop with all the stuff going on with my dad I had to find something in the house. I found some yummy chicken siopao in the fridge, so I had it for supper. 

A fly landed on it while I heated up one for my dad. :(
I couldn't bring myself to finish it...
I still had about 30 minutes before choir practice, so I made myself face my old foe...THE MIDDLE SCHOOL TRACK. The very place where my fear and hatred of running began...

I was able to run two laps! I know I've been trying to take it easy on my knees, but I felt like I needed to prove to myself that I COULD run more than the straight edges of this track. I'm still not used to running outside because the air is VERY thick and humid, so breathing is so much more challenging for me compared to when I'm on the treadmill in the air conditioning.

I completed 5 laps total (1.25 miles) in 20 minutes. I alternated running and walking. I WILL be able to run a mile there one day. I WILL. I WILL conquer that track. The fact that I was able to run a full lap without stopping made me completely happy today. I was never able to do that before!

You don't scare me anymore.
The trash can helped me mark my laps

As I stepped onto the scale this morning, I was semi-bummed.

I've gained 2 pounds. 

Now, I realize that this very well could be muscle, but it could also be from the food I've been eating. I think I need to step up my vegetable intake big time. I want the numbers to go DOWN and stay DOWN! At least my inches aren't going back up!

I have to remind myself of this: 

It felt good to face old demons today. Even though I gained 2 pounds, I still feel better than I have in a long time despite what life is throwing at me right now. My dad seemed to be in good spirits when I visited him today for the most part. He was trying to do some easy/light things around the house like laundry and taking care of paying the bills. 

Day 29, I look forward to meeting you.