Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 21: 3 Weeks of Fitness Fun!

Blog Post #2 for the day!

I had a BUSY day today!

Breakfast was as usual (Honey Bunches of Oats with 2% milk).

Lunch was some multigrain pita chips and some roasted pine nut hummus!

...and  strawberry yogurt for dessert!

Tuesdays are typically very busy for me because I have to go to Fannett for choir practice at 7 p.m. I used to just sit around or eat a big meal at my parents' house between when I got there from work until I needed to head to the church, but now, I've decided to use that time to work out!
Since there was some SUPER CRAZINESS that went down in my hometown today with some drug addicted maniac that tried to rob the pharmacy attached to my aunt & uncle's clinic with a machete, I decided to stay close to home when I did my workout. I'm just thankful that no one got hurt! Not only that, but both of my parents aren't feeling well, so I wanted to stay close to home just incase they needed something while I was in Fannett.

When my cousin Angelyn and I were younger, we decided to find out how many turns were 1 mile on the street where we grew up with my car. We zeroed out the odometer, and drove back and forth until the mile changed. 7 was the magic number. It takes 7 times from my garage door to my aunt and uncle's driveway to travel about a mile.
I started where the silver car is
and ran towards the mailboxes
I turn the corner around my aunt & uncle's driveway..
And then I run all the way back...
I am so lucky that I got to grow up here.
This is the first time I've tried running outside since I started my fitness journey.
THE DIFFERENCE IS HUGE! Not only do you have to worry about swallowing bugs and big dogs chasing you, but the ground is not as forgiving AND breathing this humid Southeast Texas air SUCKS. I can't imagine people who try to run in a hot city. This was fresh country air, and I was gasping for breath! 

I wasn't able to run as long as I can on the treadmill. I also noticed that I don't run as fast as I do on the treadmill either. I only ran on the LONG stretch of asphalt between my house and my aunt & uncle's. when I got to the driveways, I walked and drank water. I was able to go back and forth EIGHT times. When I was growing up, I did the opposite of what I did today -- I walked the asphalt stretch and I ran the driveways. I'm really happy with the change!

The timing of the 8 runs back and forth was perfect to land right when I needed to leave for choir practice. A little over 1 mile in 25 minutes for the first time I've run outside since high school? I'll take it.

I ate the rest of yesterday's steak for supper tonight. I wasn't that hungry, so that's all I had...

Hold me closer, tiny saucer.
So since this is week 3, it's time for my weekly weigh in! 

I've lost another pound! Yay!
Hey, at least I didn't gain any!

Might as well throw in some measurements, too!

When I started 3 weeks ago:
Bust: 40"
Waist: 32"
Hips: 38"
Right thigh: 21.5"
Left thigh: 21"

Bust: 38"
Waist:  30.5"
Hips: 37"
Right thigh:  20.5"
Left thigh: 20.5"

My arms haven't changed. They're still 11" each. Weird. I'm glad the numbers have gone down, but I want them to go down more! Patience, patience, patience....and perseverance! 

Here's to Day 22 tomorrow!