Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 35: Week 5!

Tuesdays...they seem to zoom by!

I had my typical weekday breakfast of cereal & 2% milk this morning.

Lunch consisted of my wonderful leftovers from yesterday's cooking fest. I brought some of the eggplant parmesan, 1 turkey meatball, and the mashed cauliflower, which tasted much better today!

I drove to my parents' house in Fannett after work, and I wanted to help tidy up a bit and help my dad make something for supper. They had some DiGiorno frozen pizza, so we popped one in the oven and I did a quick, but seemingly effective workout with a new mobile app that my friend Krystal shared with me yesterday!

It's called Sworkit! You can either use it on their website (click the Sworkit link in the previous sentence) OR you can download the app to your iPhone or Android. It's randomized circuit training workouts that give you exercises to do in the allotted time that you assign it. So whether you have 5 minutes or 60 minutes, you can fit in SOMETHING to your day!

I did a 10 minute workout while I waited for the pizza to bake, and it was intense! It had me do different things ever 30 seconds. I did 30 second intervals of burpees, V-sit ups, leg lifts, diamond pushups, regular pushups, planking, and this other move, but I can't remember the name of it, with a couple 30 second breaks until 10 minutes had passed.

After that, it was choir practice time until almost 9, so my day was done! I got home to a package sitting by my door, too! I ordered a convection oven online because it's already getting RIDICULOUSLY hot outside, and living on the 3rd floor in 100 degree weather makes using the oven an undesirable option. Not only that, but if I cook any meats, it will allow the fats to drip off to the bottom of the container. I got a good deal on it on amazon.com for only $72. These types of ovens are usually at least $129 - $169, so I was happy about this find.

I like this particular one because the cooking container is glass instead of plastic. My parents have a plastic one, and it is all scratched up and etched. The container is also removable from the black holders, so it makes it easier to clean in the sink.

Well, this is Day 35, so 5 weeks have gone by! I've lost a couple of pounds, too!

We've seen this number before, but hey, I'm glad it went down this time! Only 4 measly pounds until I lose my first 10! I want to make this happen in the next two weeks! Here's hoping I can do it! I've been feeling old habits trying to creep back up on me, so I have to remember how far I've come, and what goals I want to achieve! Thanks to everyone who is still reading and encouraging me out there! 

Day 36, here's hoping there is much sweat and no cavities! (Dentist in the morning!) See ya!