Thursday, May 30, 2013

Quick post...

I'm getting fat again. I'm sitting in my chair and I can barely breathe because my pants are way too tight.  I've been sick with some kind of upper respiratory plague,  and I can't help but want to be lazy because I need to rest.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Days 377 - 385: Getting Back to it

Avocado, smoked salmon with sriracha,
blue corn chips, cauliflower, broccoli, and edamame hummus
Wow. It's amazing what a little under a week of eating better will do. I'm back down to 137.8 with hopes that the 140s will never be seen again.

I've only been able to work out twice in the past week, though. I have been working late the past several days because I have a couple of big projects that I've needed to complete SOON this week. I biked 11 miles last Wednesday (the 8th), and I just did one of the Insanity recovery week workouts this evening. My calves are probably not going to be pleased with me tomorrow, but that's OK. I miss the soreness.

I can't believe how weak I've become just in the past 6 weeks. If that's all the time it takes to lose muscle and strength, I can't imagine how people who never exercised a day in their life feel. I'm learning that life is just going to keep on being busier and busier, so I'm going to have to make time to work out like I used to so I can feel better and have more energy to do the stuff I want and need to do.

I've been happy with my intake over the past week. Check it out:

hummus, avocado, cucumber,
tuna, and baked wheat thin chips
This. Buy this. It's tasty.
turkey, turkey bacon, avocado,
cucumber, sriracha, colby pepperjack cheese
quinoa and chicken with mushrooms baked
in vegetable broth + cucumbers
Greek yogurt + watermelon
Avocado and smoked salmon
I'm trying to keep it up, guys. I feel a lot better just by eating right, and I hope to add working out more regularly to make more progress soon! 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 376: Pants Are Not As Tiny When There Are Slacks...

Epic Fail.

I'm so disappointed in myself right now that it's making my stomach turn. I didn't blog at all during the month of April, and I have managed to pack 6 pounds  back on since the last time I posted. An ugly blue 140 glows and glares back up at me on my dusty scale right now, and my clothes are starting to get snug again.

I didn't even get to blog for my one year anniversary of this journey! April 25th was the year mark since I began this blog, and I intended to be in a completely different place. Alas...there is no use in dwelling upon the "shouldda, couldda, woulddas."

I could dish out all the excuses in the world. Yes, March and April WERE ridiculously busy for me, and I could have done some short interval workouts, but I didn't. I should have made better eating decisions during the past several weeks, but I didn't. I only biked about 4 times since the last time I blogged, and otherwise, I had to work really hard on other things...

I let the success of my weight loss from before get to my head, and now I'm paying for it because I slacked off too much.

March, April, and the newness of May have been full of so many glorious things such as two baby showers for my dear friends Nicole and Alisa, Easter, my dad's birthday dinner, and a fantastic conference that I attended in Austin last week thanks to work just to name a few. We all know what glorious things mean though, right? They mean too much food and too much time in front of the computer planning, and in my case as a graphic designer, work, work, working by sitting on my ass in front of said computer.

Easter = Food
Auntie Beth's Birthday = Food 
Nicole's baby shower = Food
Alisa's baby shower = Lots of planning +  Food
Dad's birthday dinner = Food
Trip to Austin for conference &
to visit family = LOTS of AUSTIN food
(most of it free, which didn't help!)
Planning a series of 3 huge retirement parties for my
college art history professor = Stress AND Food
(Totally beyond worth it, though)
You get the idea, right? I have been a super busy pants.

I can feel a significant difference from how I felt while I was hitting Insanity hard. Now that I haven't been exercising regularly, I feel sluggish, I have barely any energy, and I can even tell that my moods are pretty blah and my patience is low.

I don't want to feel like this anymore. I've got to regroup and get my bum back in gear. I'm just angry at myself for slipping this much. I knew I was going to slip a little because of the insane amount of activities I've had to deal with over the past several weeks, and I was mentally prepared for that, but I never ever thought I'd be in the 140 range again. That's how quickly things can get out of control. I haven't been taking care of myself, and I'm paying the icky, fatigued, bloated price.

Time to pick myself up, dust myself off, and get back to it, guys. I'm back, but I'll need some support and encouragement, please! I just need a little push to get my self-motivation gears going again!