Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 12: One Dozen Days of Fitness

I've got to be honest. I'm pooped.

I had to wake up early to head to Fannett for 9 a.m. choir practice for 11:00's Youth Mass, so I practically sang and played guitar for 3 hours straight. Today was my church's annual Spring Festival, so we had a delicious meal waiting for us after mass was done.

1/2 a chicken, a roll, pickles, onions, beans & dirty rice
I ate about 2/3 of the chicken, half of the rice,
& 2/3 of the roll. I'm not a bean fan.
I did NOT eat the skin...
I hate how difficult it was for me not to eat it.
I only ate until I was satisfied. No more, no less. I've noticed that since I started working out every day, my appetite is RAGING by the time it's time for me to eat, but I get full much more quickly than I used to! Can't complain too much about that!

I've also noticed that my clothes fit so much better now, and the ring Nick gave me for our 1st year date-iversary is getting loose! 

My mom and I went to Kohl's and Kroger after lunch, and I got SO tired during our little outing! I know I did not get enough sleep last night since I was working on graduation invitations for my "niece," Helen, so that was part of it. The heat didn't help either, though.

I'm glad I finally got to go grocery shopping today, too. I picked up lots of fruit, veggies, more chicken breasts, and healthier snacks to keep me going throughout the day. My mom offered to buy me 2 new workout tops and a cute shirt at Kohl's, so thanks so much, Ma!!! :)

My mom was taking pictures like a foreign
tourist in the grocery store
I ended up not picking any romaine because none
of them were very fresh! Disappointment. :(
When I got back to my apartment, I was actually dreading any kind of work out for the first time since I've begun my journey, but I KNEW I needed to do SOMETHING. As soon as I was able to just sit down and relax for about 30 minutes, I got a second wind and I was ready to go! I got dressed, and I got my butt out the door.

My knees bothered me more than I liked yesterday after my run and all the squats I did, so I wanted to go a little more low impact today. I donned the new workout digs my mom got me and I hit up the hike & bike trail and biked 10 miles! The weather was gorgeous at 6 this evening, and I was done at around 7:20. Once I was out there, I felt great! I knew I needed to push myself more since I had more daylight to work with than the last time I biked. It was a great workout indeed!

Since I was close to his house, I visited Nick for a few minutes since I haven't seen him much this week. He got me a silly little surprise! Since I have ridiculously short T-Rex arms, and dry/itchy skin thanks to my thyroid issues, I have a terrible time being able to scratch my back. Nick got me an awesomely durable back scratcher...haha!

A Bear Claw Back Scratcher!
I left Nick's house with a smile on my face knowing that I worked out well again today. I got home, and heated up some leftovers for dinner...

The 2nd half of yesterday's chicken breast
& leftover modified Mac 'N' Cheese
Like I said, my apetite just isn't as big as it used to be, so I wasn't able to finish...
I need/want more romaine...
Kroger's wasn't fresh
I washed it down with a big glass of water, and had a nice cup of blueberry Activia for dessert.

I am now ready to hit the showers then the hay. I know this wasn't my most exciting entry, but good grief, I'm SO pooped! I'm looking forward to working out with my dear friend Michelle tomorrow evening! I haven't worked out with a buddy in a while, so we shall see if I'm able to handle a different dynamic tomorrow. Till then, thanks to all of you who are reading!

I leave you with a wonderful video that another dear friend, Annette, shared with me last night.... If this man could do it, ANYONE can. You just have to want it badly enough and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Don't give up.