Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 20: Racing with the Sun

It was a pretty fantastic Monday! I'm blogging a day late because I had absolutely NO free time to do it last night! Between picking up more veggies at the store, making supper, working out, choosing music for choir practice, putting all that music into 3 different binders, and taking a shower, I decided to just call it a night without posting. Sorry! Life's all busy and stuff...haha. I don't know how you folks with kids get anything done!

Breakfast was my usual Honey Bunches of Oats with 2% Milk.

Work went by pretty quickly for a couple of lovely reasons: 
1. I got an e-mail that said I've won a Press Club Award! Yay! I'm so excited to see which of my designs won. This is the first time I've won an award for my post graduate work, so I'm pleased as punch! When you're in a good mood, the time seems to fly by quickly!

2.  I got a new computer at work! YAYYYY! I've been working on a VERY slow machine for the past 2 years I've been at LIT. The IT department added more RAM to it for me, and I get to work on 2 nice big monitors, but the computer still couldn't keep up with the demand of my workload. I am now a happy camper! I'm so thankful for this new computer!! It's lightning fast & much more user friendly with Windows 7! (I was still on XP!)

Lunch was simple, but pretty tasty. I had a good ol' PB & J on wheat with about 1/2 cup of white cheddar popcorn and a big glass of water. The PB I used is a low sodium "natural" branch of JIF. Can't say the jam I used was low cal or low sugar, BUT I only used half the serving suggestion (30 calories worth). My total calorie count for lunch = approximately 300!
Eatin' like a big kid.

As soon as I got off of work, I headed to Kroger and got a couple of groceries. I needed more romaine, yogurt, and some healthier snacks. I decided I wanted to get some kind of big protein for dinner, so I found a steak!

Steak and salad for supper? OK! I wanted to add carrots, celery, and tomatoes to my salad, but they went bad in my fridge! I was a sad panda. :(

Carbs? Rarely!
After supper, I rushed off to the Hike & Bike at around 7. I wanted to get there earlier, but time was just not on my side. I powered through 11 miles, and I felt like I could have done more, but the sun was setting quickly. I almost gave up on my 3rd lap (which would have been 9 miles total), but I decided to see if I could race the sun! The wind was kind to me  yesterday and there weren't any crazy challenging stretches against the breeze for me to lose too much speed. I even ran into some good family friends of mine (Ate May and Kuya Neil) at the Hike & Bike, and I waved at them during all 4 of my laps!

Mini Tagalog lesson: (Ate [Ah-teh] in Filipino means "older sister" and Kuya [koo-yah] means "older brother." It's a title of respect that younger friends or relatives use to address their older friends or relatives.) I didn't want anyone thinking I "ate" anyone...haha.

I didn't feel like I worked out enough when I was done at the hike & bike, so I did more work when I got back to my apartment. I did 2 sets of free weights. I wanted to do more, but it was getting late and I NEEDED to get started with the choir music.

Bam! I did it! 20 days of fitness! 

Today is Day 21, and I have choir practice in Fannett tonight. I will truly get to see if I can make time to work out somewhere out there today. There was a CRAZY MAN who tried to rob the pharmacy that's attached to my aunt & uncle's clinic, so working out outdoors might not be an option for me today. I intend to blog about it this evening! Today marks THREE weeks, so my weigh-in will be posted tonight also!

Ciao for now!