Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 33: Sunday Funday

What a wonderful Sunday!

I got up early so I could get my workout done because I knew I had a full day ahead of me. 

I had half of a banana before I headed to the apartment gym.

Since I was in a time crunch, I only
worked for 1/2 hour.
My knee still is giving  me problems, so I only power walked. I want to wait until I see a doctor before I try running again. I worked up a good sweat!

After my workout, I finished the banana and
I had a bowl of apple cinnamon oatmeal.
After church, my parents and I went to Schlotzky's with Nick's Uncle Steve for lunch. I got a small turkey sandwich with water and no chips. I did snag about 10 chips from my mom and dad, though.

After lunch, I brought my dad back to my apartment so he could rest while my mom went shopping. As much as I wish I could have gone shopping, I need to take it easy on the spending this month. My dad and I enjoyed a Bee Gees documentary on Netflix and got to finish the last few minutes of it with my mom. 

After they left, Nick and I headed to Port Neches to spend the evening/night with my dear friend Michelle and her famiy since she was in from out of town. There is always too much fun to be had at the Whitlow's! They grilled some amazing barbecue, and I didn't do too much damage, at least not at first...

Cheesy potatoes, chicken & grilled pineapple! 
I got one more serving of potatoes and I split
another half of a pineapple with Nick.
It was so relaxing to spend time with my dear friends. Amy and Jimmy were there too, so we got to have a lovely visit for a few hours. 

Later in the evening, they started a little bonfire and we had smores! This is where I was pretty bad. It's a super rare occasion for me to have smores, so I got a little carried away and I had 2. I wasn't able to finish the 2nd one, though.

It's days like these when I am beyond grateful for being the sentimental fool that I am. Out of my group of friends, I seem to be the one who tries to gather us back together the most. I used to think it might get on everyone's nerves or that I was trying too hard, but I'm beginning to learn that my friends appreciate that I make the effort! Life is so busy, and when we don't make time to enjoy ourselves, we can become sad or unmotivated. I know that this is a health and fitness blog, so this shpiel about friendship may seem a bit out of place, but I truly believe that acquiring and maintaining happy, loving relationships with people is an essential part of being healthy! Mental health is one of the biggest influences on physical health, and true friendships are one of the best allies to have when it comes to being happy and well. 

Tomorrow I will be back at the healthy eating game. I didn't do TERRIBLY today, but I want to try to do better tomorrow. These holiday weekends are tough! haha 

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everybody! I hope you're all having a fun weekend so far, and please enjoy your day off tomorrow if you get one! If you have to work tomorrow, my empathy is with you! I used to only get Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year off at my old job! And of course, many thanks to the reason for this holiday. Our fighters for freedom. Thank you!

Day 33 (Memorial Day) should be a good one. Enjoy it, everyone!