Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 30: I Need Some Advice from the Ladies

I am soooo tired.

My knee has been bothering me more today, so I decided not to bike or run and I focused on upper body and core strength training today instead. I don't feel like I worked enough, but I'm also feeling beyond exhausted!

I did 20 pushups, 20 situps, 2 sets of my usual upper body dumbell workout, some leg work that I learned from about a month ago, 20 reverse situps, 20 squat thrusts, and 20 tricep dips. I don't feel like it was nearly enough, but I could barely last through those things. I think I shall turn in early tonight.

Dehydration. Fatigue. Cravings. Yeah....

I forgot my Tervis Tumbler at home again today, so I didn't have any water pretty much all day except very early this morning, and as soon as I got back to my apartment. I DEFINITELY feel the difference compared to when I have enough water, and I doubt I'll forget my water now after today.

Breakfast was my usual bowl of cereal and 2% milk.

Lunch was leftover shrimp with a little rice. I added about 1 tbsp of balsamic vinegar to the shrimp, but I didn't take a picture.  Bleh, sorry!

I had a cup of vanilla Activia as a snack at around 3:00.

My energy levels are way down this week. And (sorry if this grosses anyone out, especially the dudes), but I'm pretty sure that I'm PMSing, so the fatigue is kicking my BUTT. I'm struggling with battling monstrous cravings, my face is breaking out, and my lower back is hurting (not from working out), so I'm pretty darn sure I know what's on its way.  Oh, joy... 

Any fellow ladies out there who work out regularly have any tips for dealing with these lovely symptoms and still having the strength and energy to get a good workout? I feel like I'm in a fog and like I haven't slept in two days!

I got home feeling famished, and I had another crazy monster craving. I got coupons in the mail for Jack in the Box (eew, I know), but their blasted fake food marketing looked so yummy. I literally had to sit on the couch and talk myself OUT of going there for about 20 minutes. This is insane. I never want Jack in the Box. EVER. I guess it's just because I know I shouldn't have it, and I've been craving French fries all week. YOU GUYS, my friends and readers, helped me get out of this craving. All I could think of was what I had to put on my blog tonight, and how much I didn't want to disappoint anyone. Thank you!!!

So I cooked this instead:

skinless chicken filet, rice, tomato
I know it seems like I only know how to cook this one dish sometimes, but it really is the easiest thing for me to make when I'm tired. I have many other recipes that I can make, but they're all so fattening! I might break out my good old 17 Day Diet recipes next week. I tried that diet late last year, and it actually made me lose quite a bit of weight in a very short amount of time! I lost 12 pounds in about 2 weeks. I felt good because my body had cleansed itself of a lot of processed sugars, and I'm thinking of starting it, or an adjusted version of it, again. It's very reasonable, and I'm sure that with my new workout routine, I'll be able to lose more too.

Alright, friends. I can't think anymore. I'm out for the night! Sorry if this entry seemed all over the place. I am truly tired.

I'm looking forward to my evening tomorrow with some friends, and I'm hoping my knee is up to some cardio! I know Fridays are usually my day off, but I don't feel like I worked hard enough today, so I will go for it tomorrow. I might do my Day 30 blog a day late since I will be out late tomorrow night.

See you tomorrow, Day 30!