Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 8: Sleepless Sabotage

Breakfast was the same Kroger Honey Bunches of Oats with 2% Organic Milk and 8 oz of water. I don't usually like too much variety when it comes to breakfast, but I'm not sure why. I guess it's because I tend to stray into fatty pastry territory if I eat other things...

I am D R A G G I N G this Day 8. The inadequate amount of sleep I've been getting is completely to blame.

I've always lacked discipline when it comes to sleeping. I get too easily distracted by watching TV, reading a good book, working on projects, or browsing the Internet when I should be in the dark snoozing away. Even as a kid I always slept late, (see Conan O'Brien addiction) and I've always paid for it throughout the day. 

I know I'm sabotaging a lot of my hard work by not getting enough rest, so why do I keep forcing myself to stay awake? I've been known to do my very best work in the wee hours of the morning, but why can't I channel that creativity during the DAY when I need it most? 

It's been the same pattern for years: I wake up EXHAUSTED from sleeping way too late the night before, I feel like I'm watching myself going through the work day because I'm not fully awake, I almost fall asleep after lunch, I do a bunch of jumping jacks to wake up, I leave work still sleepy, I trudge through my workout or whatever evening activity I need to do, and then I'm WIDE AWAKE when it's time to sleep! It's so frustrating!

Don't tell me I have to start another blog to discipline me into sleeping...

12:25 p.m.
Lunch was more leftovers of the chicken and spinach I made for myself Monday night. I ran out of yogurt, so I ate a handful of the energy mix I blogged about yesterday to tame my sweet tooth. Thank goodness for dark chocolate! I remembered to bring my Tervis tumbler today, so yay to having water.

Chicken, spinach, rice, and a roma tomato!
I'm already looking forward to my workout this afternoon. I was EXTREMELY sleepy this morning, but perhaps lunch perked me up a bit. My thighs are quite sore, but not to the point of excruciating pain. It's a good kind of sore. I'm hoping to run a little more today. I'm not sure if I'm ready to increase my time yet, but I will definitely try to do what I can! My arms, shoulders, and abs are pretty sore too.

I had a total of 24 oz of water while at work.

8:39 p.m.
WOW. I don't even know if I can write a complete sentence because I'm so worn out. Well, I just did, so nevermind. But yeah....I'm pooped. Nick and I had to meet with a couple of friends to discuss some potential businessy things at 7:30, so I had to hurry home from work to get my workout done.

I did my 45 minutes on the treadmill, and I attempted to run again, but my energy levels are WAY down today since I haven't been sleeping enough. I don't know if all the workouts are catching up with me or if I really do just need more sleep, but my endurance just wasn't as awesome as it was on Monday when I ran the 2 minute intervals. I WAS able to run for THREE minutes this time, but I only did one more two minute interval after that. I think I got stage fright because there were two other men in the gym. The last time I ran, I was completely alone and free to breathe as heavily as I wanted without being self conscious about sounding like a dying giraffe. I was still able to beat my distance from the last time, though! I'm pretty much saying screw the calorie counter because I KNOW that it's beYOND inaccurate... I did increase the incline to 8 for the last few minutes, so that was an added challenge, too! Overall, I'm satisfied with the work I did on the 'mill.

Since I was feeling guilty about not running more, I decided to force myself to repeat yesterday's workout again today too. To refresh your memory, I did 3 sets of 4 different exercises for 50 seconds with 10 seconds of rest between each one. The goal is to do as many as you can within 50 seconds.


1.  26  2.  22  3.  23

Push-ups (modified "girl" push-ups)
1.  22  2.  17  3.  15

Tricep Dips
1.  23  2.  20  3.  20

1.  26  2.  25  3. 28

This is probably the most challenging workout day I've had of all 8 days, but I want to keep building up each day. 

I had another 24 oz of water with my workout.

As soon as I finished my interval training, I drove to Sertino's for my meeting with Nick and friends. Nick got me dinner (thank you, boyfriend!) which was water and a half turkey cranberry sandwich on wheat. Nick gave me his pickle since he thinks they're cucumbers soaked in evil...haha! 

I drank about 16 oz of water with my supper.


I shall now prepare my food for tomorrow and get ready for BED. I've GOT to sleep more. 
Day 9 is tomorrow! I've got to work late, so I'm hoping I can get home early enough for me to still have the energy to do some kind of physical activity. I'm almost in the double digits, folks! I can't believe I'm doing so well! Thank you, thank you, thank you! =)