Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 67: Rain Means an Indoor Workout

I woke up much later than I intended to this morning! I'm sure that the lack of sunshine pouring through my window had something to do with it. It's been raining nonstop for several hours here, so my usual Saturday bike ride has been cancelled for the day. I'm not liking this whole being too full to eat breakfast thing, but I guess at least I am not eating just because it's "time" to eat. Listening to my body and seeing when I am legitimately hungry has become second nature to me now. I looked through the online workouts I've been saving, and I chose this beauty today:

I did this workout (and I actually repeated it as it says to do) at around 10:45 this morning, and I finished at around 11:35. I took a few water breaks here and there, and I kept having to weave in and out of my bedroom to see what move was next. 

The hardest moves for me were the high knees and the jump squats. I feel so sorry for my neighbor below me because I'm still trying to teach myself how to land quietly. I was able to do it a couple of times, but with my hurt foot, it's hard to remember to land on my toes and follow through with the descent. 

This was a tough workout! I could actually feel the sweat dripping off of my stomach when I had to do the pushups toward the end. I don't have a jump rope, so I just pretended to hold one while I jumped for 30 seconds. 3 cheers for imagination, right?? 


I had a late lunch of turkey meatballs on wheat toast with pickles and skim mozzarella. The turkey looks burnt in the picture, but they were actually crunchy on the outside and deliciously cooked! They were leftover and frozen from when I made turkey meatballs and wheat pasta a few months ago.

Supper was at a friend's house this evening. They made some yummy roasted pork, cabbage, green beans, and egg noodles. I also had a bowl of Blue Bell's Key Lime Pie ice cream for dessert. Good grief that stuff is delicious. Not the healthiest supper tonight, but I checked the scale, and things haven't moved! Besides, I wouldn't feel right bringing my own food to a supper that someone else cooked. That'd be all kinds of rude! 

I got some compliments today from my friend Maggie about how she can really see a difference in my silhouette after dinner tonight! It's always super exciting when people who you haven't seen in a while can see a difference. I never know how to receive these kinds of compliments, though... It's so exciting and flattering but I don't want to sound full of myself either!

I might be taking my off day tomorrow since I have youth mass in the morning and I have to be in Fannett by 9. I *might* be able to squeeze in a quick workout before my shower, but we will see what time my body wants to wake up.