Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 53: Productivity and a Production!

What a gloriously productive and entertaining Saturday!!

I woke up and had a nice big breakfast because I knew I had a lot to do today.

Green tea, oatmeal, an egg, 1/3 mango, and a bottle of kefir
After breakfast, it was workout time. I didn't have as much time to go to the hike & bike since I had a bunch of errands to run around town, so I found some good stuffs on the Internet.

I did these two today:

These workouts were perfect for me to do with my foot injury. The only exercises that were a bit iffy were the lunges and the burpees.

After my workout and a shower, Nick joined me for lunch before we went out to run a bunch of errands.

We each had a half peanut butter & honey sandwich, 3 Totinos pizza rolls, a handfull of blue corn tortilla chips and salsa, and some mango.

We ran some errands around town, (oil change/inspection, returned stuff, and bought stuff) and by the time we were done, it was time for supper already.

I cooked a chicken breast and some garlic quinoa for supper.

The quinoa was a little too salty to me.
Nick loved it, though!
I made a vegetable (spinach with tomatoes), but I overdid it with the lemon juice and made it WAY too sour. I didn't have time to make another veggie side because we needed to leave for the UPCC performance.

The night ended with a fantastic performance by the University of the Philippines Concert Chorus at the Jefferson Theatre. They were amazing!! If you ever hear that they'll be performing in an area near you, I highly recommend you to see them! It was a great night of culture and entertainment with many loved ones.

OK, it's late. Goodnight, all! I got my workout done and I did many good things.

p.s. I'm distracted....if this entry makes no sense, I apologize. Goodnight! Day 54 is tomorrow!