Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 49: Week 7 Weigh In & Another Stab at Running

Tuesday...the longest day of my week.

Just got home at around 9 from Fannett choir practice, but it was a good one!

Breakfast was cereal & 2% milk.

Lunch was the last of the rotisserie chicken that's been feeding me for almost 2 weeks, more mashed cauliflower that's also been feeding me for almost 2 weeks, and half of a cucumber soaked in rice vinegar.

I also snacked on fresh cherries all day. I probably ate about 12, and they kept me full all the way until I got home from choir practice! I also had a banana as a snack as well.

I went home to Fannett with hopes to try to run outside, but the weather was looking pretty bad, so I went to my aunt's house. She has a treadmill there, and I decided to give it a go and try running again!
I ran a mile total, and walked a little over a mile as well. It's probably been about a month since I last ran, but I was surprised by how long I was still able to last without stopping. Her treadmill marks 1/4 of a mile on a small loop of lights, and I was able to run entire laps at a time. I felt great, and I know I got a fantastic 46 minute workout done today! What makes me happier is that my knees feel good! Too bad my right foot is bothering me, though... GAH, body! Cooperate with me here, please!

11.2 laps in 46 minutes

2.80 miles, 290 calories burned
Since it's SO hot outside these days, I might start using her treadmill (or her pool!) when I'm in Fannett on Tuesdays or Sundays! I actually TRUST the cleanliness of her pool unlike the one at my apartment complex. Haha! 

Today is lucky week 7, so it's time for another weigh in post! YAY, I lost poundage since last week!

Check it:

YAYYY! - 2 lbs since last week!
This means I've lost about 11 pounds total since April 25th! I'm super happy with my progress! I am hoping to be in the 120's by the end of July. I know I can do this. I am determined to achieve this goal and be the lightest I've been in over 10 years! 

The heaviest I have ever weighed is 160 pounds. I got up to that weight my freshman year of college, and almost again a couple of years ago. (I was at 158 before Krystal's wedding before we started training). Even when I had a trainer, I don't think I ever weighed as little as I do now, so I'm feeling pretty excited!

Not only am I going to be lighter, but I am healthier as well! I feel a HUGE difference compared to how I felt before I began this journey. I have much more energy, my moods are mostly happier, and I sleep better at night. Thank God!!!!

Tomorrow is DAY 50!!!! WHAAAAT!? Time flies, I tell you! We'll see what I can do! Methinks I need to get some strength training done! Goodnight, all...sweet dreams.