Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 52: Off Day with Lots of Temptations

Friday. Yay, Friday!

My foot felt a bit better today, but I still can't walk as well as I'd like.

I had my usual cereal and 2% milk for breakfast this morning.

Nick's coworkers and I met for lunch at New York Pizza & Pasta downtown where Nick and I split a small margherita pizza and we each had a caesar salad.

Nick finished this off for me.
I had 3 slices, Nick had 3 slices
This meal kept me full throughout the day, so I did not have any snacks until supper. I knew supper was going to be richer than usual, so I did my best to avoid eating anything else with the knowledge that I'd be eating my first burger in more than 52 days!

Nick's supervisor typically has a yearly summer burger party at her lovely home, and this happened to be the night for that! Her husband Howard makes delicious fresh burgers and we all get to laugh the evening away. I regret not taking a photo of the spread Chris had laid out for us, but it was delightful as always!

They're always very thoughtful in providing healthier options at the burger parties, so there were wheat buns, and huge delicious portobello mushroom options as well! Nick let me take a bite of his (since he can't eat beef), and I regret not trying the portobello mushroom burger first because they were delicious! But then again, so were the meat patties. They were HUGE! Next time, methinks I shall eat half a portobello and half a meat patty.

Here's my burger split in half so you can get an idea of the thickness of these things! I put lettuce, tomato, pickles, and red onions with dijon mustard on mine with a wheat bun. I also had a handful of chips (Nick stole one! haha) 

Yeah, that burger had no chance. 
A co-worker of Nick's (Jessica) also made some delicious gluten free brownies for dessert! I SOOOOOooooo wanted more than 1, but I was good and only ate 1! (With LOTS of help from Nick reminding me of self-control because by golly I wanted another one...

There were also small lovely snacks around. Nick's other co-worker, Mona, made some fantastic (mostly) homemade hummus and she brought some cheeses and crackers for pre-dinner snacks and munchies. I had some of those and 2 small sausages also. Plus my first glass of wine in a long time! I didn't fill it very much, though, and I only had one.

It was nice to have this rewarding day, but I'll be working hard tomorrow to try to burn some of this off! I do NOT ever intend to weigh in the 140s again, so I've gotta keep it up!

Saturday shall be a busy day, so here's hoping I make time to fit in a good workout.

Here I come, Day 52!