Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 63: Week 9 Weigh In

I know I haven't blogged since Saturday, but I had good reasons! Nick's birthday was Sunday!!

We fetched his Aunt Sara & his cousin Michael from the airport in Lake Charles, and I was with them pretty much all day. I took photos of the food I ate with my phone, but again, the pictures disappeared!!!! I don't have any pictures of food except for the ones I took at supper yesterday (Monday) night, so please bear with me.

With all the food that was around us, I didn't do too terribly, but I still ate much more than I have been over the past few weeks. I wanted to celebrate! There was chicken spaghetti, raw and steamed broccoli, low fat chips, spinach dip, and buttered rolls. I had a bit of all that AND some ice cream cake! ECK!

I didn't work out on Sunday, but I made up for it Monday. I did a 30 minute full body Sworkit workout in the afternoon, and I cut down my portions as well.

Monday breakfast was as usual. Lunch was leftover chicken spaghetti!

I was able to go with Nick and his cousin Michael at Fuzzy's Tacos Monday evening. I ordered 2 crawfish tacos, but I was only able to finish one and a couple of bites of the 2nd, so I gave what I had left to Michael.

After (and before Michael scarfed it)

OK, now that we're caught up to today....

Breakfast this morning was again my usual cereal and 2% milk.

Nick and Michael brought me a fantastic Banh Mon sandwich at work today! I tried the one called "The Elvis" which has blackstrap pork, thai peanut sauce & sauteed plantains with veggies. 

After work, I headed to Fannett for choir practice. I didn't feel very hungry yet, so I ate a banana at my parents' house. I did a 20 minute upper body Sworkit workout while I was there.

I got hungry when I got home after choir practice so I ate some leftover chicken, broccoli, and pasta.

So here's week 9's weigh in! I'm back at -11 pounds! I'm surprised/relieved that I didn't gain anything after all the food I've eaten over the past couple of days, but I know I've been working hard. I want to accelerate past these first 11 pounds soon, so I know I need to step it up. It's hard when relatives are in town, though! I guess this is my summer challenge...

Tomorrow is another day. Let's enjoy it and make it a good one. See ya, Day 64!