Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 66: Visitors = Too Much Food

So, as I've been writing over the past few days, Nick's cousin Michael has been in town with us since Friday....

While I am thrilled to hang out with Michael while he's here, his presence has put a TON of temptations in front of me to eat things I normally wouldn't on my fitness journey. We've been visiting restaurants that he doesn't have in New Jersey, but I have been trying my best to get some healthier options than I used to.

Like yesterday, it killed me to get a chicken sandwich on wheat at Willy Burger! It's a BURGER PLACE! I'm proud of myself for resisting temptation to get a burger, and while I know that the sandwich was not the most healthy option out there, I knew it was still better than getting a greasy (yet delicious) cheeseburger.

Today was no different. For lunch, we went to the Bayou Cafe' and I had an amazing boiled shrimp po' boy. I was still full from last night's supper so I did not breakfast again.

After... The coleslaw was too peppery for me.
I had 10 french fries.
I was able to get my bike ride done earlier than usual. The heat wasn't too terrible, and the breeze wasn't too strong. I powered through another 11 miles on the hike & bike trail with bench pushups and tricep dips at some of the benches between.

I got curious to see how far the driveway by the soccer fields went, and it was VERY far! I didn't check to see, but I think the driveway goes all the way to Major Drive!! This was the first time I had ever taken my bike onto asphalt, so now I understand why a lot of cyclists wear gloves now because my bike was bouncing all over the place and causing my hands to itch from all the friction. My bike isn't exactly meant for rougher terrain either, though... I'll guess that I biked about 12 or 13 miles today in total after exploring behind the soccer fields!

Supper was on Nick tonight because Michael and I helped him film some reference shots for his animation assignment. We got to hurl Koosh Balls at him and then my HUGE yoga ball at him so he could study the movements of how to dodge getting hit. All 3 of us took a turn at throwing and was like a whole other workout!! By the time we were done, we were all exhausted and starving! (Not to mention sweaty and a little bit itchy from rolling in the grass).

Here's a HILARIOUS video of what we did:

Michael had never had Freebirds before, so we brought him there tonight.  I had water with a steak hybird (the smallest burrito they offer) on a wheat tortilla with tomatoes, guacamole, cheese, Spanish rice, sour cream, and bad ass barbecue sauce (that's really what it's called!).  Nick got a hybird burrito also, but Michael is INSANE and got a MONSTER (Their 2nd largest burrito)! Needless to say, Michael could barely move by the time we were done eating, but he said it was completely worth it for the deliciousness!

After...I ate 2/3 of it.
I've mentally prepared myself for not losing any weight while Michael's in town, and I have also prepared myself to work my BUTT OFF even more with this temporary change of my intake. I'm truly trying to make better decisions with what I get when we eat, and I'm really making sure portion control is my best friend right now so that I don't go too overboard and all my hard work hasn't been for nothing.

I've been checking the scale, and I'm still at -11 pounds! I haven't gained any weight, so I am relieved about that! The scale said 139.2 this morning, so I know I'm doing alright! 

Today was exhausting, but it was good!
Day 67, I intend to work off this burrito! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!