Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 58: Lucky 13 miles

I'm trying something different tonight. I'm blogging from my phone! I was on the phone with Nick and I realized I had forgotten to blog, and I've already shut down my computer and gotten into bed. I don't like being a day behind, but I'm too tired to reboot, so I figured I'd try the app on my phone. I hope this works!
Breakfast was a banana and some vanilla kefir.
Nick stopped by my office to help me finish off the last 2 slices of pizza from Father's Day, and I ate the smaller slice.

We had some fresh cherries for dessert, and then Nick went on his merry way.

When I got home, I made myself a supper of skinless chicken, steamed broccoli, and pasta with low carb marinara sauce. For dessert, I had the rest of my strawberry cupcake & a mango.

After supper, I went to the hike & bike trail. There was no breeze this evening, so I had no excuse not to bike as fast as I could today. I was able to do 13 miles before it got too dark, so yay! I felt awesome today without the wind tunnel, & I was also properly hydrated. I tried to push myself since I had the cupcake & the pizza! Gah,'re so wonderful and yet to awful.

That was that! Tomorrow is day 59, and I usually rest on Fridays, but since Sunday is Nick's birthday, I am going to take off then instead so I can enjoy the day with him! I shall post my workout tomorrow! Here's hoping that blogging from my phone works! Goodnight!