Monday, July 2, 2012

Days 68 & 69: Wow, I'm Sore.

I got home pretty late last night, so I didn't blog. You guys didn't miss much anyhow because I decided to let Sunday be my off day.

The workout I did on Saturday was pretty intense. I've been VERY sore since I did that one, but in a good way!

I ate lunch with Nick and my parents in Fannett after church. We had a lovely meal of teriyaki chicken, cucumbers, rice, and iceberg lettuce with light ranch dressing.

After we hung out a little bit with my parents, Nick and I headed to his grandma's house in Orange where there was homemade vanilla and peach ice cream waiting for us. I was able to restrain myself and I only ate 1 melty scoop of each. (Everyone else had like 2-5 bowls, so I did well!) haha!

Supper was pizza... I had 1 slice of mushroom pizza and 2/3 slice of a Canadian bacon pizza.

I am happy to say that I did NOT eat ice cream again after pizza with everyone else! Gosh, that was hard... But I want the scale to be the same or less when I step on it tomorrow morning for my week 9 weigh in!


Day 69

I had oatmeal and a cup of green tea with mint for breakfast this morning.

Lunch was leftover chicken breast from Thursday evening and some cut up mangoes that were on their last leg. The sweetness and the kick of the chicken complimented each other quite well!

When I got home, I made some fresh rice and I boiled some okra. I ate the rice and okra with a mixture of white vinegar and shrimp paste (bagoong for you fellow Filipinos out there).

After supper, I rested a little to digest and then I decided to do an upper body workout since my legs are VERY sore from Saturday's 30 second jump rope interval extravaganza. 

I looked to my handy dandy Sworkit App and did a 30 minute upper body workout which consisted of a CRAZY amount of pushups this evening. By the last 10 minutes, I could barely do 2 at a time anymore! The app also had me to overhead presses, wall pushups, reverse planks, tricep dips, chest expanders, and did I mention pushups? I lost count after 80! (Mind you, I'm doing mostly modified "girl" pushups, but I alternate with military pushups when I think I can handle it!)

And now I'm here blogging for your reading enjoyment and  my health benefit. Tomorrow shall go by quickly since I have so much going on at work again all of a sudden!

If you're on your own journey, keep going! If you haven't started, GET UP AND GO! And if you're already awesome at all this stuff, keep the rest of us motivated, please! 

70 days tomorrow. Wow.