Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 65: Endorphin HIGH!

GREAT workout this evening! But first, food reports...

I was actually still full from last night's delicious supper, so I didn't eat breakfast! I don't know how that works, to be honest. Is it OK to skip breakfast? Does it hurt your metabolism to skip it even if you're not hungry? Hmm, looks like I've got some researching to do. If any of you have any answers, let me know!

I finally started feeling hungry at around 10:30, so I decided to eat my lunch early. I had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich on wheat and a bottle of water.

At 4:00, I snacked on some Skinny Cow Creamy Clusters and another bottle of water.

I hit the hike and bike trail at about 6:30 and did a fantastic 11 miles! This is the fastest I've biked in a LONG time. I was able to maintain a fast speed and I actually PASSED some people! This never happens.  I am usually the one being passed, so yay me! 

It was toward the end of my workout when it happened...THE ENDORPHIN HIGH. I haven't felt this kind of endorphin high since I worked with a trainer in 2010! Sure, I've been feeling fantastic (with the exception of the dehydration and the injuries) since I started working out on April 25th, but today I FINALLY got that fantastic endorphin high that I've been missing! It was like a wave of fantastic energy washed over me, and I wanted to do another lap, but I had dinner plans again with Nick and Michael! I regret not going another lap now....dangit. I guess this means I need to try for it again tomorrow!

I believe that drinking more water helped me accomplish this today. I've been saying over and over "I need to drink more water," but I haven't really been doing it until lately. I've had about 60 oz of water today, and I feel fantastic!

la la la post bike endorphin high
I think my arms are starting to look less squishy!
I had supper with Nick and Michael at Willy Burger. Instead of getting a hamburger, I got a chicken sandwich on wheat with pickles, onions, cheddar, and barbecue sauce. Nick and I split an order of sweet potato fries, and I had yet another cup of water.

Everybody say hi to Michael!
And my sandwich!
Nick and I killed those sweet potato fries.
When I got home, I stretched for 10 minutes, and now here I am anxiously awaiting shower time. 

Day 65 is done! Tomorrow is supposed to be my day off, but I think I will still work out since I've been eating more than usual with Michael in town. I'm not feeling fatigued either, so I might as well use this energy I've got!

On another note, Beth made me realize that I haven't posted any updates on my test results. As expected, I do not have gout or arthritis, and my X-Rays also came back normal, thank goodness! I must have just hyperextended a muscle in my foot. It is still stiff from time to time, but I am still weary of running because I don't want to reactivate any injuries that are finally feeling better. My legs feel weak, but only because I've been biking so much! It's a nice kind of weak...hard to explain, really.

Well, that's all, folks! Goodnight!