Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 50: Nifty Fifty & a Funky Foot

Time flies when you take things one day at a time!

I can't believe it's already been 50 days since I started my journey to tinier pants. I must say that my clothes ARE fitting better than they did when I started, but I haven't gotten SO small that they're all to big for me...yet. Some of my biking shorts are actually starting to get loose, so that's exciting!

Unfortunately, I think I overdid it on the running yesterday or perhaps I misstepped while I was was running. My right foot hurts VERY BADLY when I walk, and I probably need to see a doctor. I can still walk on it, but not very well. I might be getting some scans done tomorrow on my feet AND my knees just to see what kind of shape I'm in and what I can do to prevent any damage...

I changed things up for breakfast this morning and I had a big banana with a bottle of vanilla kefir.

I got to do some brisk walking this morning around campus to distribute and hang flyers that I designed for a class being offered this summer. It was also orientation for the upcoming students, so I got to walk even more! Yay for getting out of the office! It's so strange because my foot feels fine when I'm sitting/not putting weight on it and it is mostly OK when I'm walking, but getting up and my first initial steps plus standing still on it are what hurt the most.

I had lunch with my pal Craig at Jason's Deli where I got a tasty half sandwich, blue corn tortilla chips, salsa, and fruit. Craig got to hear all about my aching foot today...haha!

Craig helped me out a bit with the fruit eating!
After work, I headed home took a 10 minute walk to the mailbox and to the clubhouse to take care of some apartment issues. The stairs that lead up to my apartment never get any easier to climb no matter how much I've been working out...haha!

I fixed myself some supper while I cleaned up a bit, too. It's nice how doing productive chores can be a good workout in itself!

I made myself some chicken in my new turbo cooker, and I FINALLY finished off the mashed cauliflower I've had forever! A whole head of cauliflower was a bit much for one person, but I'm glad it lasted so long! I never got tired of the taste, and my mom wants to try some. I also told my cousin Celina about the mashed cauliflower, and she fed it to my Goddaughter mixed with carrots as homemade baby food! Gotta love spreading the nutritional joy! I also enjoyed a nice helping of steamed edemame/soybeans.

Finally, the last of of the cauliflower! 

A mango for dessert!
I started my workout later than I should have this evening, but it was well worth it since I got to Skype with these two! 

Don't I have the cutest Goddaughter EVER!?
After Skyping, I decided to see what kind of workout DVDs I had in my collection. I still need to buy a shelf to go beneath my TV in the livingroom... I'm tired of the boxes!!!!

I decided to do some HIP HOP ABS with Shaun T. My dad bought several of these workout DVDs a few years ago when Hip Hop Abs first came out from the infomercials with intentions to use them for himself, but he ended up giving them to me. Yay!

I don't want to sound mean, but this is one SUPER DUPER flamboyant man. I couldn't help but laugh really loud at some of his catch phrases during the workout!! I am also glad that I was alone while I did this because I'm pretty sure I looked like an ass. At least I definitely felt the burn and I remembered to "TILT, TUCK, AND TIGHTEN!" Seriously, guys....the backs of my knees are still sweating. 

I did the ab sculpt workout and half of the total
body burn workout.
At least Shaun T. is super high energy and motivational because this was a fantastic workout, AND it wasn't too hard on my foot (for the most part). I definitely want to try this again! There were some moves in the Total Body Burn portion that were too hard on my foot so I had to stop about halfway. GAH. I truly hope there isn't something VERY wrong with it because I have no intentions to stop working out now! I've come much too far and I've worked way too hard!

I giddily discovered this morning that I've lost ANOTHER pound, so I'm 138.6 now! I hope the pounds keep falling off like they're doing now! I dread the infamous plateau that people say they hit after a while, but I will worry about that when it comes. 

I hope to find out more about my foot tomorrow, but for now, I must rest. Goodnight, everyone! 50 days have past and gone, and I look forward to greeting 51!