Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 51: X-Rays, Blood Tests, Fatigue, & 11 Miles

Day 51 was completely out of the ordinary.
I feel a bit thrown off from my usual routine, but it's done!

I went to the ODC to get knee & foot X-Rays to try to figure out what on earth's going on with the pain. Luckily, they both came back normal, so nothing's torn/broken! I never thought anything was broken, but you never know...

I had a dark chocolate & peanut protein bar on the way to the ODC.

After I had to sit in a lovely 40-minute traffic jam, I headed to Fannett to see my uncle so he could look at my foot. (My uncle is my doctor for those of you who don't know). He examined it and he told me that based on the pain and the fact that it's in multiple places, there's a possibility that I might have gout or arthritis...OR I just hurt myself while working out and to take it easy on those parts. Haha...geeze...DUH. He gave me some pain killers that have acid reducers in them to help reduce the possible uric acid that is in my joints, and he told me to take them until we get my arthritis profile blood test results back so we can find out for sure what's going on. My mom drew my blood and then I was on my merry way. She only had to stick me twice this time, so the weight loss is real!! haha! (My poor mom usually has to stick poor me 4 times because it's hard to find my veins!)

Here we are post needles.
When I FINALLY got back to the office, I ate leftovers for lunch.

Pineapples for dessert!! Yay!
I didn't get to drink as much water as I usually do, and I FELT IT. I was extremely tired ALL DAY, and I'm pretty sure it was because I was dehydrated.

I think my Internet woes might finally be over. Time Warner Cable came by yesterday AGAIN to fix my Internet, and the 2 guys had to go into my closet to switch a cable that was inserted into the wrong place. Yay, I get $129 back from the new modem I just had to buy! I'm returning that bad boy Saturday!

When the TWC guys left, I had a quick, small supper.

Peanut butter & honey sandwich on wheat
with blue corn tortilla chips & salsa

I never eat in bed, but I had to take pictures of my supper on my bed because I needed to charge my phone. It's just easier/more convenient to take food pics with my phone than with my big camera.

After supper, I DRAGGED myself to the hike & bike trail and did an excruciating 11 miles. I was SO TIRED! The humidity and the wind didn't help, but I was NOT feeling my best when I was on the trail. I definitely didn't bike as fast as I usually do, but at least I got it done!

Day 52 is an off day and there will be a lot of not-so-great for me food. Portion control, please be on my side!