Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 42! Week 6 Weigh In!

I've got to walk around at work more often. I found myself aching a LOT when I had to get up during work today, and it eventually went away when I walked more, but I definitely sit for way too long at my desk.

Breakfast was as usual, of course.

Lunch was another chicken breast with romaine salad with Italian vinaigrette dressing. I decided to add some multigrain pita chips & hummus as well to help me stay full throughout the day. I had the last of my watermelon (about 4 chunks) for dessert).

After work, I made myself some lower calorie macaroni & cheese and ate a chicken leg quarter with a tomato. The mac & cheese was 50% wheat pasta and I used almond milk and Smart Balance with the cheese powder. I know it's not the best choice, but mac 'n' cheese is just one of those foods I can't resist...haha! I didn't eat a metric ton of it either...

Didn't eat the skin!
It's actually kind of gross to me now.
After supper, I went to the hike & bike a little later than usual. I decided to park on the Phelan side today because the Dishman side was PACKED due to a soccer game. I still did 11 miles, but I got stopped by a fellow biker whom I've seen quite often on the trail. He gave me some advice about how I could make my rides a little easier, and it was all completely welcome! I had been riding with my seat too low, and he suggested that I raise it to help me be able to cover more ground and work a little less. As most of you guys know, I'm ridiculously short (4'10" and 3/4" to be exact!). I figured I needed to have the seat low enough for me to reach the ground, but raising the seat a little actually made a world of difference. My posture is better, and I'm able to breathe better. I raised the handle bars up a little, too. I just didn't think about it, I guess...I was thinking more about my feet touching the ground than anything. My feet can still reach the ground when I'm on my bike seat, but I have to really point my toes and stretch my legs.

Since I was getting used to the new feel of the adjustments, I didn't do any upper body work on the trail today. Besides, my arms are SORE! haha! 

And that was that. OH! Before I forget... WEIGH IN!

I now weigh...

I'm actually NOT sucking it in! WHAAT?
WOO! I've lost 9 pounds! I was SO SO close to my 10 pound mark! I know I will reach it by the end of the week! I've just got to! My hope is to lose another 10 pounds by the end of July! YAYYYY! I know I can do it!!!

Thanks for all the advice and encouragement, everybody! I'm going to try some protein powder later this week when I pick up a few groceries per recommendation from several of you. 

It's supposed to rain the rest of the week, so we shall see what I'm able to do tomorrow, Week 43!