Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 70: Week 10 Weigh In!

I am proud of myself today. Even though I haven't made the wisest food choices lately, I've been conscious about them, and I've exercised good control when it comes to listening to my body and knowing when to stop eating. Portion control has become a part of me now, and the proof is in the numbers today.

Breakfast was a Nature Valley Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter Protein Bar and 8 oz of water.

I went to lunch with my pal Craig today at Cafe Del Rio where I ordered a cup of tortilla soup and some vegetable quesadillas. Of course there were chips and salsa as well, and I counted 30 in my head. All of this was washed down with about 24 oz of water.

I got home and felt very tired, but after I made myself some supper, I perked up and did my workout.

Supper was okra again with 4 shrimp and some rice with vinegar and shrimp paste. I need to go to the grocery store and get more veggies because all I've got is the okra! 

After supper, I digested a while and then I did another Sworkit workout, but I focused on my core this evening. It was 30 minute total of side crunches, sit ups, side planks, quadriplex exercises, wall sits, reverse crunches, leg lifts, "supermans," "spiderman" pushups, and planking. I have a feeling it will hurt to sneeze tomorrow!

Well, it's week 10! I can't believe it! I've lost 12 pounds in a little over 2 months!

I was in a silly mood today.
I am hoping to be at minus 18-20 pounds by the end of this month, but I know that this will require me to really step it up on my eating. I am trying my best this summer with visiting relatives and holidays going on to restrict my portions on the rich foods, and as soon as this weekend arrives, I am really going to cut down on carbs and increase my protein and vegetable intake. Now that I'm seeing the results on the scale, how my clothes fit, and how I feel, there's no turning back now, and I want to work harder.

I have another big motivator, too! Nick and I are going to California at the end of the month to meet some of his friends from his animation school, and I want to be tinier when I go to Cali! Here's hoping my goals are met! I CAN do this. I will, and I must!

Tomorrow is July 4th, and there will be lots of yummy food at my aunt's house and at Nick's grandma's. Portion control, don't fail me now! Day 71...let's go.