Sunday, July 8, 2012

Days 71 - 75: Catching Up

I have felt so WEIRD not blogging every day! I've been all over the place spending time with friends & family since July 4th, and I've been getting home so late that blogging went on the back burner for a few days, but It's all done and time to get back to it!

Day 71 was July 4th
I started out my day with a fantastic 13 mile bike ride in the morning

Happy birthday, USA!
Filipino lunch! Mechado
I went to my aunt & uncle's house for July 4th lunch, and I spent the majority of my day with them and my family! There was also fruit salad for dessert, but I did not take a photo. Crap. I enjoyed my mechado with a big glass of ice water.

At around 4:00, I left for Orange and spent the rest of the 4th with Nick's family. They got some delicious barbecue!

I had 2 ribs, 1 slice of brisket, a spoonful of
potato salad, cole slaw, and a handful of Lightly Salted Lays.
Dessert was a piece of strawberry cheesecake! (The same kind from Rao's that we had for my dad's birthday). GAHHhhhhh. 

Day 72 (Thursday, July 5th)I had another day off, so I went to Houston with Nick and his cousins, Jake and Michael!

I woke up and did a Sworkit workout -- 30 minutes of full body fun. Since Nick's Aunt Sara and cousin Michael are from New Jersey, they were kind enough to bring back a bunch of bagels for us! I ate half of one for breakfast with a little butter.

See that texture? We don't get that kind of amazing
texture in bagels down here. That's a true NJ bagel!
We left for Houston at 10:00 and met Cici and Ena at Pappasito's for a Tex-Mex lunch. Nick and I shared beef and chicken fajitas.

I had 2.3 of these. (2 strips of beef, onions, Spanish rice,
about 1/2 tsp of sour cream, and cheese).
Want a fajita, Ena? (haha!)
After lunch, Cici was sweet enough to treat us at this place called Tiff's Treats for dessert. She bought us all these fantastic cookie ice cream sandwiches made with fresh baked cookies and Blue Bell vanilla ice cream between.

I got a chocolate chip & oatmeal cookie sandwich
I only ate about half of my cookies, but I finished
the ice cream for obvious reasons.
L to R: Ena, Me, Nick, Jake, Michael
Thanks, Cici!!!
The guys and I separated from Cici & Ena after dessert and headed to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to check out the new Paleontology Hall! Talk about a TON OF WALKING. I didn't feel so bad for eating that ice cream sandwich after we walked through multiple exhibits at the museum.

Yay, I am no longer a
Giant Sloth like this guy!
After a few hours at the museum, we traveled to the wonderful world of IKEA to buy a couple of things. I needed a new shelf for my apartment, and Nick needed a shelf and a new desk chair. Again, MORE WALKING. 

By the time we were done at IKEA, we were all pretty exhausted from all the walking and the heat, so we decided to go to Tokyo back in Beaumont for some delicious sushi.

Can't remember the name of this, but it was good!
I had 3 pieces.
Michael ordered the OMG roll -- I HIGHLY recommend this!
We LITERALLY yelled "OMG" because it was soo good.
I had one of these. 
The Orchid Roll
I had 4 of these.  
I can't remember the name of this one,
but Jake ordered it and he let me have one.
It's not as huge as this photo makes it look.
WHEW! See why I haven't blogged since then? We were EXHAUSTED by the time Thursday was done!

Day 73: Friday, July 6

Friday was back to business for me. 

Breakfast was as usual (cereal & milk).
I had leftover pizza for lunch.

My workout was another 30 minute Sworkit workout since the weather was pretty questionable all day, and I didn't want to risk my bike getting wet.

Supper was some AMAZING chicken & dumplings that Nick's Aunt Sara made from his grandma's recipe... I regret not taking a photo of that delicousness, but I have the recipe now! I'm wondering if I can make a reduced calorie version!!

Day 74:  Saturday, July 7

Since it was Nick's relatives' last day in Texas, I spent most of the day with them in Orange.

I knew I was in for a lot of food again this day, so I did a 40 minute full body Sworkit workout in the morning. 

We headed out there early for breakfast where his Aunt Chrissy made us some fantastic bacon and biscuits. Well, there went my workout! haha TOTALLY worth it, though!

Lunch was a grilled ham & cheese sandwich with chips and a pickle. I also finished the remainder of the cookie Cici got me in Houston.

Supper was over at Nick's Grandma's where we had a bunch of delicious food from Great China picked up. I had a plate of Mongolian Chicken, steamed rice, Chinese broccoli in garlic sauce, beef with broccoli, 1 roll of mushu pork, and a bit of another vegetable dish (can't remember the name). 

I opted OUT of any dessert this evening since I ate so richly throughout the whole day. 

Day 75:  Sunday, July 8
The scale was not too happy with me this morning. I mean, it COULD be worse, but I am not surprised with how I've been eating over the past few days. I gained 2 pounds back since last week...eck. Now that Nick's relatives are gone and the holiday is over, I shall be on my best behavior until California!

This morning, I woke up early and started to head to the hike & bike trail, but it was VERY dark and gloomy out. Dang. I turned my car around and decided to use my good ol' apartment gym since it's been quite a while. I did the elliptical for 42 minutes. (I would have done 45, but I had to hurry and get ready for church).

Time: 42:50 
5,304 strides
Burned about 360.5 calories
After church, I headed to lunch with my aunt. She treated me to Pappadeaux's, where I ordered the ginger salmon with the butter sauce on the side. The salmon didn't even need the butter sauce! I just fished the ginger out of the sauce and put it on top of my fish. I also ate 2 small pieces of bread.

I finished it all! (except the butter sauce)
When I got home, I did laundry and made myself some squid adobo from the frozen squid my mom gave me. (Boiled squid in vinegar and garlic)
Not as good as my mom's, but it was OK.
And that's been my past few days! Tomorrow is Monday, and I need to go to the grocery store. Veggies? YES! I must get back on the healthier food track.