Monday, July 16, 2012

Days 81 - 83: Mini Reunion, 15 Miles, Belly Dancing, VOTE MARKETTE SMITH!

Well, I've been an awful blogger lately! It was a busy weekend, so I didn't have much time to sit still and blog!

Saturday, Day 81

Saturday was a fantastic day because it was the day of my 10 Year High School Mini Reunion!

I ate a banana, a prune, and a big glass of water for for breakfast before I did a 30 minute Sworkit core workout. 

After my workout, I headed straight to Alisa's so that I could help her with some last minute cooking and preparing for the gathering of classmates. I can't believe it's already been 10 years since I graduated from high school! I'm so thankful that I am still good friends with a lot of my classmates whom I've known for so many years.

We worked frantically until about 12:10, and then we had to go our separate ways. I picked up a fruit tray from Jason's for the party, and then I headed back home to my apartment to clean up, eat a small lunch, and then shower to get ready for the party which started at 3.

Grilled turkey & cheese on wheat,
blue corn tortilla chips & salsa with a pickle spear 

Then it was time for the partay. It was SO great to spend some time with my friends from high school! I know quite a few of us still hang out periodically, but it felt nice to have a few more in the crowd this time. 

It's always a huge challenge to exercise portion control when you have a bunch of fantastic calorie ridden food that your friends spent a great deal of time preparing. I've learned that I can still eat what I want in these conditions, but I need to be disciplined enough to know when to stop so I don't wreck all the hard work I've been doing. I feel like I did this at the mini-reunion.

I'd say we didn't age too badly, wouldn't you?

Some of the finest of the H-F Class of 2002
We made our reunion hi-tech and had a
Google+ hangout with friends who couldn't
attend! Rina had to work in Houston & Heather
is in Rochester, Minnesota 
We carried Rina around so she'd feel like
she was there with us. haha!
Here was my appetizer plate.
My dinner plate! I tried to make it half
salad and half pasta. Nicole made some
amazing homemade salad dressings that
were under 100 calories per serving!!
Here was my dessert plate.
A "fruit pizza," a s'more cookie, a nutella biscuit,
pineapples, and an oreo truffle (which I only took 1 bite of)
We did a toast with some Chandon
It was a LATE night, but a great night! I ate more than usual, but I know I didn't bust any guts. haha!

Sunday, Day 82

So....I overslept. I usually wake up at 8:00, go bike until 9:30, get ready for church, and then drive out to Fannett. Well...yeah, I overslept. 

I woke up, rushed to shower, and barely made it to church in time in Beaumont at St. Jude's 11:00 mass. It was kind of nice not having to drive all the way to and from Fannett, but I couldn't leave my home parish. I've got too much "family" there, and's home!

After mass, I wasn't very hungry yet (I was still pretty full from the mini reunion food), so I had a banana.

For ONCE it wasn't raining, so I hustled over to the hike & bike trail and biked 15 miles in the sunny weather. If I didn't have the breeze that being on the bicycle makes, I would have definitely overheated because it was HOT, but I actually found it to be wonderful!! We haven't seen much sunshine over the past 2 weeks, so I was more than grateful to be in its wonderful partly cloudy glow.

When I got back to my apartment, I decided to clean up the place. I was about to start vacuuming when I got a phone call from my mom who was in Beaumont, and she wanted to stop by. She hung out with me for a little while and we watched some funny old TV shows for a few hours. 

While she was there, I made a repeat very late lunch from yesterday (turkey/cheese sandwich + pickle +blue corn tortilla chips).

I also ate all the remaining kiwi from the Jason's
Deli fruit tray I got along with this huge strawberry.
After my mom left, I finished cleaning, and I finally took a shower.

I ate a late supper of reunion leftovers (a serving of amazing lasagna that Alisa made!) It's from our former high school English teacher (Mrs. Sach's) recipe.

I almost regret eating this because
I got heartburn at work the next day,
but GAH it was delicious.
Monday, Day 83

Finally caught up to today! 

Breakfast was cereal and fat free milk. I thought I bought 1%, but I bought fat free! It's not bad!! I think I'll be buying this from now on. 

OK, so I'm awful, and I was so busy at work today that I DID NOT EAT LUNCH. I snacked here and there on a couple of prunes and a package of Skinny Cow dark chocolate Dreamy Delights, but the lunch I packed was uneaten. Well, at least I don't have to pack my lunch tonight! I went from having a super slow, lazy summer to getting a bunch of projects to do at once! It was mainly one particular deadline that I have tomorrow that kept me busiest, but I didn't mind. I've missed having lots to do!

I left work at around 5:45, and I was starving by the time I got home since I didn't eat lunch. I prepared some chicken, rice, and a tomato for supper.

A lot of my time this evening was spent debating whether or not to go to the hike & bike trail. The sky was only partly cloudy, and the sun was out, but there was also thunder, so I decided to stay in. 

I looked through my workout DVDs, and I found this old gem:
Meet Veena and Meena...
My fraternal twin fitness instructors for this evening.
So I've had this DVD since late high school/early college, and I was NEVER able to last through the cardio workout....UNTIL NOW!! Buah ha ha! Go me! My legs are going to hate me tomorrow. Yep.

As of this very moment, I am anxiously awaiting 11 p.m. because that's when the voting polls close for the FIRST NIGHT of my friend Markette's battle for the Top Spot amongst the Top 5 contestants on Live! with Kelly. I am almost CERTAIN I've been annoying the crap out of a lot of my FB friends, but you know what? I. DON'T. CARE. This is my friend's DREAM JOB, and who am I to hold back from helping her achieve this amazing feat!? She's already come so far, and I want to do everything in my power to help her succeed!!

We need votes for her all week long! I'm SURE she is one of the top contenders, my friends! The polls are about to close for tonight in about 10 minutes, but here's the link to vote for her:

I know it's a pain to have to fill in all the info they ask for, but this is for MY FRIEND'S DREAM! It's only like 5 blanks to helping a deserving girl get one step closer to achieving something amazing! 

The winner will be announce THURSDAY, and will get to co-host with Kelly Ripa on Tuesday, which just HAPPENS to be Markette's 32nd birthday!!!!

Aaaaaand I am FINALLY caught up! I hate being so behind. Tomorrow is a weigh-in day, so we will see if any damage was done from reunion Saturday! Goodnight, all! Keep it going!