Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 79: Today I Biked Like the Wind! & Exciting News!

So I fully understand that Texas is in desperate need of rain these days, but it has been 2 weeks, and I have missed the sunshine and going on my bike rides! Before all this rain came along, I was biking over 10 miles 5 days a week, and I have had some SERIOUS withdrawals.

Breakfast was a banana, hot green tea with mint, and 3 prunes.

Lunch was leftover salmon and salad from last night, and it tasted even better today!

I devoured all of that fresh
veggie goodness! 
I snacked on a couple more prunes throughout the day and I also had a cup of blueberry greek yogurt.

By the time the workday was over, the rain FINALLY LET UP! I rushed home so that I could hit the hike and bike trail right away because I have MISSED riding my bike SO very much!!!! I haven't had a decent long bike ride since LAST WEDNESDAY morning. In fact, I was so excited about my bike ride that I zoomed through a whopping 15 miles this evening. This is more than I've done in MONTHS, so I was happy that my body was able to last that long. The weather was GORGEOUS, and it wasn't hot at all! The sun even peeked through the clouds a few times, and I basked in all its timid shining glory.

By the time I finished my ride, I built up quite an appetite. I prepared myself a turkey sandwich on wheat with light mayo (made with olive oil), romaine, muenster cheese, sundried tomatoes, and a nice crisp pickle spear.

I never enjoy the last 2 or 3 bites
of a sandwich for some reason.
 While I ate my supper, I Skyped with my cousin Cici about all the excitement of the day. You remember me mentioning my friend Markette who is in competition to get a chance to co-host with Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly? Well, SHE MADE IT INTO THE TOP 5!!!!!!!! She's the ONLY female who made it into the Top 5, so GIRLS, we have to stick together and let our girl power shine for this wonderful, hard-working woman!!!

I made Markette into
Cici was sad because we both want to go to NY to cheer Markette on, but it's a bit of an impossibility right now since she has Ena baby now. But we're doing EVERYTHING we can to help promote Markette from afar to win and live her dream! To everyone who voted for her this week, I can't thank you enough! Markette is a REAL, GENUINE person who has hopes and dreams just like the rest of us! I'm so happy to be a part of her life and that I get to help and see her be this excited about this amazing opportunity!

We will need your support again next week, so we will be promoting like mad! I've become one of the  graphics people for Markette's Live With Kelly Co-Host Search campaign, so I will be sure to let everyone know when the next round of voting will be. If you have access to a television next week at 10 a.m. EST/9 a.m. CST, be sure to tune in to Live with Kelly to see how Markette competes! You can follow Markette on Twitter or like her Facebook Page to keep up with the co-host search contest!

Video Chatting with Celina, Markette, and Markette's husband, Damon,
and planning our next promotions to get Markette to WIN!
Day 79 was such a great one! Cheers to all of us who are pursuing our dreams! For now, mine is to get fit and healthy!!! What's yours???