Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 84: Week 12 Weigh In!

Heyyyy Everybody!

It's been an EXHAUSTING Tuesday. Well, at least the latter part of it. Now that the all day rains are gone for now, the HEAT is back in full force, and it is draining me!

I've felt like I've been in a routine rut with my blog lately. Even as I type now, I am not feeling as fulfilled with my posts as I did in the beginning. I don't feel like I'm as inspirational or motivational as I was in the beginning, and that truly concerns me. I know that life isn't all sunshine and rainbows all the time, but blogging has almost started to feel like another part of my hamster wheel, and I feel like I need to mix things up a bit.

Exactly HOW I shall do that hasn't come to me yet, but I'm sure I will figure out something soon when I have more time and energy to think about it!

Breakfast was a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of hot green mint tea.

I forgot to take a pic when I started eating,
but I finished the whole bowl.
The belly dancing workout DVD had me walking around like someone stuffed a bunch of wooden boards into my legs and back! I was SO STIFF and sore today! 

Lunch was a salad with chopped baby carrots, celery, romaine, shredded romano cheese, a Zesty Italian vinaigrette, gala apples, and tuna. 

I snacked on 2 chocolate chip cookies from my mini 10 year reunion party from Saturday with a cup of Fat Free organic milk and a prune throughout the day.

When I got off work, I wasn't terribly hungry, but I knew I'd be at practice late so I made myself a small roast beef sandwich on white bread with miracle whip at my parents' house. Besides tilapia, it was all they had. (Sadly, I am allergic to tilapia). I drank a glass of orange juice with my sandwich.

I hadn't seen my dad since July 4th, so I wanted to hang out with him for a few minutes before I did my workout. He was VERY tired from working in the hot sun all day, and he opted out of going to choir practice so he could rest early.

I didn't get to do as much or work as hard as I wanted to, but I did get to hang out with Helen, whom I also have not seen in a very long time! She walked around the church parking lot with me about 4 times for about 15 minutes before choir practice started. That was my exercise for the day!

Practice went well and was over by about 8:45. I brought Helen home, and went back to my parents' house to check if my mom was OK since she never made it back to practice. All was well, and then I headed home.

I had to carry TOO MUCH STUFF up the stairs to my apartment, so I guess you could consider THAT a bit of a workout. My heart was pounding by the time I got to my door for sure! I had to lug up my guitar, a bag full of my clothes and shoes, a new table cloth from my mom, my heavy purse, my lunch bag, and a big glass of water up 3 flights of stairs. It's no wonder I'm always so tired on Tuesday nights! (Carrying all that stuff up and down the stairs is a weekly event for me).

I settled in, prepared my lunch for tomorrow's work day, and I spent the majority of the evening promoting Markette on Twitter and Facebook.

Today is Week 12 already, too! Here's the results of today's weigh in!

I look like I need sleep...lol

Woo Hoo! I've lost 2 pounds since last Tuesday!!!! This is the first time in a few weeks I've lost more than a pound in a week, so I'm really happy! TIRED and happy! Goodnight, all! I'm hoping I can hit the hike & bike trail hard tomorrow! I like doing 15 miles instead of just 11! We shall see what happens! 

OH and I will think of a way to mix up my blogging since I don't want to be stuck in a rut!