Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 98: Week 14 Weigh In... I Miss San Francisco!

Before I get started, let me just say that this particular entry is probably not going to be well structured at all, and that I am in a hurry to sleep. Please bear with me!

So the last time I blogged, I was in full blown head cold mode. I have not truly done a real workout since Monday, July 23rd, BUT that doesn't mean I wasn't active between now and then!

Quite a lot has happened since my last blog entry. I got so used to blogging daily that I actually feel rusty at it, and it's only been 8 days! Even though I still had a bit of a cold, I made the trek to San Francisco with Nick and had THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE!

I made sure to weigh myself before I left:

About the same as the week before.
I was eating tons of soups and
spicy foods to help my throat feel better.
Luckily, I was already beginning to feel better the day we flew to SF. I SINCERELY loved that city, and I cannot wait until the day I go back so I can walk the streets again in that magnificent cool weather. I did not exactly eat the healthiest things while I was there, but I did make sure to practice portion control, AND we had the advantage of getting to walk EVERYWHERE. I am pretty sure that we walked off every single meal we ate while we were in SF.

The first meal I ate in SF was this magnificent crab crepe at Pier 39.

So I was a bad little fitness/diet blogger and I did not photograph every single thing I ate on this vacation. I'm sorry, guys! I was way too busy having a blasty blast and trying to enjoy the memories I was making! 

But just so you have an idea of what kind of exercise I got while I was there, check out these steep streets that we had to walk EVERY day...

It just kept going up and up and up and up......
Talk about STEEP! There is no treadmill on this earth that has an incline like that! I so miss these angled streets. The weather was a refreshing high 50 low 60 degrees (F), and even though Nick and I were cardio beasts every day walking these streets, I didn't break a sweat! 

I did manage to photograph the breakfast I had at one small diner we visited on our second day, though...

Bagel sandwich...I needed it for energy on the journey
to Emeryville! We had to walk a lot there, too!
I didn't take photos of what I ate in Emeryville, bit I did take pics of where we ate....

Fuddruckers! (not my choice...haha) 

The best walking I did in SF and Emeryville always had a fantastic reward at the end....

We did a ton of walking to get here....

AND here...

I did manage to treat myself in moderation by sharing with Nick. I am so grateful that my sore throat and cough pretty much vanished by the 3rd day we were in California. I finished my antibiotics, and I was good to go!
Here we are with Brock & Nellie at Ghirardelli Square.
Nick and I shared this DELICIOUS peanut butter and
chocolate shake. We obliterated that thing!
This was probably the healthiest meal I had in SF.
Grilled mahi-mahi with mashed potatoes.
I only ate 2 of the fillets and 1/3 of the potatoes.
Nick's dinner (pasta with salmon) was better.

Yeah. I ate all of this at the Animation Mentor Barbecue.
BUT I didn't finish all the cookies!
At least I managed to fit some
fruit in there, too! 
Nick & me with "Spike," the AM mascot!
With 2 of the coolest animating girls at the bbq!
(Hannah & Sophia!)
I would do an entire entry of the play by play of the entire trip, but this is a fitness/healthy eating blog! If you'd like to see all the pictures (and their stories) from our trip to SF and Emeryville, click this link to my Facebook Album.   


Now that I am back in hot and sweaty Texas, I must get back to my fitness routine. I did not work out today because I am EXTREMELY sleep deprived. I intended to sleep early tonight to catch up on my sleep so that my workout tomorrow is easier, BUT I wanted to update my blog first too. Tuesdays are just too busy, I tell you! I had choir practice after a full day of work, and now I am here trying to rush and blog. I think it's alright, though.

I didn't eat much of a breakfast because I was too sleepy. Shame on me. I ate 3 prunes in my office before I went to lunch with my pal Craig at Katharine and Company.

I ordered a half Chicken Caesar BLT, a cup of tomato basil soup, and a spinach salad.

I devoured all of this since I didn't eat much breakfast.
That lunch kept me full for the rest of the afternoon.

My dad made me a simple yet yummy dinner of shrimp, rice, and cucumbers before choir practice later in the evening.

Thanks, Daddy!
Thaaaaat's all, folks. I intend to get back on my bike tomorrow and hopefully try to even out some of the funky tanlines I got from all my time outdoors in California. Nick and I both got sunburned since we're not used to the COLD weather in July! (You forget about the sunshine still being harmful when the sun's not making you sweat!)

It's week 14 already today!! Here's my weigh in:

Please excuse my gross hair. My scalp is sunburned, and I didn't wash
my hair because it BURNS to use the blowdryer.

Thanks, sunburn/tan.  My face is now 394857203457 different shades.
All the walking I did in SF and Emeryville DEFINITELY helped me lose a little weight! Lord knows I wasn't eating my best, so I can't help but wonder if I would have lost more if I did behave a little better. I need to go grocery shopping soon since I haven't been home in a while. Can't wait to get some more healthy food in my fridge!

Goodnight, everyone! I left my heart in San Francisco, and I am SO glad Nick asked me to go with him to meet all the wonderful people we've become friends with through his animation school. I cannot wait to go back!