Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 88: A Day Full of Good.

Hey, All.

It's been a lovely Saturday! I woke up at about 7:45, cleaned up a bit, and ate breakfast at about 8:30.

I had a gluten free blueberry waffle with some honey drizzled over it for breakfast.

At around 9:15, I headed to see my lovely friends the Pascuas to help them with one of my Ina Anak's (Godchild's) 1st birthday party invitations. I took some pictures of MJ, checked out what Michelle (his mama) had in mind for the invite, and I helped her and her dad with a few computer things while I was there as well.

This is my 4th Godchild, MJ!
(Short for Michael Jr.) Isn't he too cute!?
I was lucky enough to still be around to join them for lunch! Tita Wilma made a yummy lunch of tilapia, corned beef with potatoes, rice, and this fantastic tomato, mango, and cucumber salad with a sweet rice vinaigrette. I wasn't able to eat any of the tilapia that Tita Wilma made because I am allergic to it. :( It was so looked DELICIOUS!

I had a helping and a half of this.
I also drank about 2 1/2 big glasses of water while I was there!

I left their house at about 2:00, and I worked on MJ's invitation for the next few hours. At around 7:00, I headed out to the hike & bike trail and conquered 11 WINDY miles in the lovely post rain weather. I love biking at this time of day because it's still bright enough to feel safe yet it's not scorching hot out so breathing isn't a hassle. There were lots of other people who feel the same way, too. Sometimes I'd like to stop and meet some of the people I see regularly at the hike and bike trail, but at the same time I want to be done quickly and make sure that I work as hard as I can while I'm there. I always manage to smile at people as I bike past them, though. Perhaps I'll become known as the smiling cyclist! hah!

I got home at about 8:00, took a shower, and had a late supper at 9. I ate a leftover chicken breast from a couple of nights ago, some garlic shell pasta, and some more of that fantastic cucumber/tomato/mango salad that Tita Wilma so graciously packed up for me. I'll definitely be making this salad on my own in the future!!

That's all for today, folks. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, which will be my rearranged rest day. I *might* sneak some upper body work in in the morning, but we will see how early I'm able to rise. I was in a bit of a panic a couple of weeks ago when I worked out before mass and BARELY made it on time. If I do work out before church tomorrow, I think I'll stick to a Sworkit workout or something else I find online. Tomorrow will also be fun because I plan to get a few new duds with my mom since some of my clothes are actually starting to get too big for me! Woo! 

So goodnight, friends and followers. I am thankful to all of you who are still reading and cheering me on! I know my entries have seemed a bit boring/repetitive lately, and I want to shift things back into better focus soon.