Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day 155: 911 On The Hike & Bike Trail

Soooo today was eventful to say the least.

Work was quite busy, but I prefer those kinds of days. I got a new printer/scanner, so that was something to celebrate considering my old printer used color cartridges up like chewing gum. I also got to walk around campus a bit, which always makes me happy on nice weather days such as today.

Breakfast was a bowl of Cheerios with fat free milk.

Lunch was mostly veggies with a spinach salad, some peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots accompanied with the Greek yogurt dip I've been enjoying over the past few days.

I also snacked on some salt-free blue corn tortilla chips with Greek Yogurt spinach dip in the afternoon, and I had one of these protein poppers. Click here for the recipe for these! I didn't add any chocolate chips to my recipe, but they still turned out delicious.

I am trying to keep myself as full as possible later in the day now since the end of daylight savings is approaching. After dropping my stuff off and changing clothes at my apartment, I rushed off to the hike & bike trail where I was able to do bike 11 miles. 

Upon my final lap, I noticed something unusual. Two gentlemen and one lady were carrying a girl and coming toward me, so I slowed down and stopped to ask if everything was alright and if they needed any help. At first, they said that they had called someone, but after I asked again, the lady who was helping carry the girl asked me to call for an ambulance.

So I called 911, but it didn't go through the first time (thanks for nothing, T-Mobile) so I called again. At least it went through the second time. I waited with them until the paramedics arrived and I was able to bike back to my car just before it got dark.

From what I overheard, the girl was very dehydrated and had been feeling ill all week. She had jogged about a mile on the trail before she started feeling dizzy and she passed out. Thankfully, she was with some friends who helped her, and some passers by were kind enough to help her until the ambulance showed up. 

If you're going to work out hard, make sure you're doing it right, folks! Staying hydrated and eating are essential if you're going to exert yourself! I do hope that girl will be alright. I would have stayed the whole time, but I was concerned about my own safety to get back to my car before it got dark, and there were plenty of other people to help her at the scene.

Here's hoping that's the last time I have to call 911 for a while, especially since my network seems to have a DELAY in letting me do so!! Gah, I can't wait to switch to Verizon next year....

Notice I had to attempt 2 calls to 911...
Also, my phone is too old to do screen shots,
so don't make fun. lol
Goodnight, everyone. Please stay healthy and SAFE!!! 

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