Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 149: Trying New Old Things

Like I said yesterday, I'm back!

I finally got the chance to go grocery shopping after work, and I'm excited about the healthy new goodies I picked up while I was there. But first, my photo food log...

Breakfast was chocolate Designer Whey protein powder with 1% milk.

Lunch was a peanut butter & jelly sandwich with a kiwi.

My sweet tooth kicked in at around 2:45, so I had 1 slice of wheat bread and Nutella.

Wow, that does not look appetizing. haha
After work, I was able to finally go to the grocery store so that I would be forced to avoid eating out and picking up food from restaurants. I got lots of vegetables and poultry during my trip. I wanted to go to the hike & bike this evening because the weather is so amazing this week, but grocery shopping and preparing my dinner took more time than I thought it would. By the time I was done cleaning up, I was almost out of sunlight.

This will come as a shock to Nick, but I tried fresh red, yellow, and orange bell peppers at his grandma's house last weekend for his Aunt Chrissy's birthday and LIKED them.  Nick can tell you that I have never been fond of peppers of any kind, but I must be going through some kind of taste bud metamorphosis or something. I do still hate cilantro, though.

Since I liked the peppers so much at Nick's grandma's, I decided to buy some of my own, and I made some ranch dip with Greek yogurt. Now I have a yummy veggie dip full of protein!

Organic Greek Yogurt + Ranch seasoning = protein packed dip!

Dinner consisted of various bell peppers, my Greek yogurt ranch dip, some skinless chicken, and half a serving of brown rice. 

I also added Sriracha. I'm addicted.
After some digesting and cleaning up, I decided to turn to some Internet workouts since I haven't stayed in to do one in a really long time, AND I FELT IT. I definitely need to make sure I do more of these workouts during the week because I've lost some stamina for them over the past month! I'm proud to say I can now do more true push ups than ever before (I'm up to 20), but I was struggling big time with the squat jumps and the wall sit. I think my legs are still recovering from the strength training I did last Sunday! I've never wobbled that much during a wall sit!

I did this twice
And I did this also, but only once through
So now I shall hit the showers and then the hay. I'm glad I was able to blog again tonight. It just feels RIGHT. 

And of course, I've got to throw out another thank you for some Heart Walk donation love! Special thanks to my Auntie Sionie & Uncle Rogie (aka Dr. & Mrs. Mendoza) for their generous donation!

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