Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 281: All Better & Back

Hi, breakfast!
So last week was a bust because I got kind of sick. I had the most horrendous allergies or possibly a slight cold, and working out just was not happening the entire week. Ugh, what a waste. What bummed me out even more was that I was feeling fantastic about getting back on track the week before, and a week full of mucous completely threw me off my attempt for a comeback.  

I was able to bike about 16 miles on the 19th and 13 miles Sunday the 20th, but I think it was those two bike rides that triggered my crazy allergies. I couldn't taste or breathe all week, and having to stop every 20 minutes to blow my nose during a workout was just NOT ideal. I was even was off work last Monday for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, but I didn't get work out! Blah. 

Since my last blog entry, I was able to bike 11 miles with tissues in tow on the 26th after my allergies calmed down a bit, but otherwise, my workouts have been practically nonexistent.

Now that I am all better, I'm going to try to get back to working even harder. 

I've been going on walks with Craig at work on occasion, but I feel like I'm not doing enough. My cousin Stacy just wrote a great post on her blog about how we need to change things up to see change within ourselves, and she couldn't be more right. I've settled into a "maintain" routine, which is part of why I've been stuck on this plateau for 3 months. I want to conquer my last 10 pounds, so something needs to change.

My intake has gone to the bad, so I am doing something about it. Lent is coming up on February 13th, and I have decided that I am going to take that opportunity to try to significantly cut back on my carb intake because they are one of my biggest weaknesses. 

Also, I discussed altering my workout schedule during my workweek with my groovy boss lady, and I will be taking advantage of my workplace's workout policy that gives us 30 minutes per day to dedicate to exercise. So if I tag my workouts onto my lunch break, I can have an hour and a half to do what I need to do. I'll probably go 3 days a week to work out at my apartment's gym or at the hike and bike trail until daylight savings time begins March 10th. By then, I should be able to workout after 5 since we'll have sun!

Today was a strong day. I'm glad I was able to do a lot of walking on campus to take some photos at work. I did succumb to eating a bit of boudain dip with crackers and a small piece of cake with pineapple punch at a farewell party we had for a fellow employee, though. Since I ate all that, I didn't eat the much healthier lunch I packed, but I will save it for tomorrow.

After work, I went STRAIGHT to the gym at my apartment to attempt running again. Looking back through my blog entries, I don't think I've done any running since OCTOBER!!! Needless to say, I wasn't expecting to do well on the treadmill today by any means, but I surprised myself. I was able to run almost 2 miles and speed walk another. Granted, I didn't run the 2 miles all at once (I was able to run them one mile at a time with a 10 minute break between), but I'm still happy with how hard I pushed myself. 

After my powerwalk/run, I hobbled back to my apartment and did 3 sets of 12 reps of some upper body dumbbell exercises. Go me!

I ate a small piece of roasted pork and cucumber slices for supper...

Man, I'm gonna hurt tomorrow. My legs feel wobbly, but I've missed this feeling. 

Another reason I haven't been blogging as often lately is because of my rediscovered love for hand lettering. It's been so hard for me to not drown myself in learning more about it, and I'm still trying to find a balance between that, my full time job, learning piano, working out, choir practices, freelance work, social life stuff, and just life in general. I'm not complaining by any means...I know that TONS of other people have much more to balance than I do with much worse circumstances, but I can't say it hasn't been a challenge. If you want to see my first attempt at hand lettering, check out my other blog:  CREATIVE LITTLE HOBBIT

Man, this entry is long, BUT THERE'S SO MUCH GOING ON! 

Nick's Uncle Tom (Nick's mom's youngest brother) was in the hospital over the weekend, so we visited him in the ICU on Saturday and Sunday. I believe he's been discharged already, thank goodness! He suffered a stroke a while back, and he's had some other complications, but I'm glad to hear he's home and hopefully resting. It's stuff like this that makes me wish Nick would take time to work out as well. His family history regarding heart issues and stroke is not good, and I want him to begin his healthy lifestyle NOW so he can prevent any issues down the road. But that's another entry. :)

On a happier note, my dear, dear friends Amy & Jimmy had a baby girl TODAY! Eliza Jane came into the world at 5:44 this afternoon, and she is simply precious. I think she looks just like her beautiful mommy! Congratulations, Amy & Jimmy!! You guys are going to be amazing parents, and Eliza is beyond blessed to have you both and vice versa for sure. :) 

Eliza has tiniest pants! ;)
Well that's all for tonight, guys. I feel like a broken record saying that I'm ready to work, no excuses, blah, blah, blah, but I keep letting life get in the way. We'll see how this balancing act will turn out in time. 

Cheers to life. Live it and love it happily, or get out of the way for those who are trying to do so.