Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 254: 13 Miles & Better Weather

Hooray for SUNSHINE! This is the first day Southeast Texas has seen sunshine in several days! Maybe even a couple of weeks!

I've been pretty terrible about sleeping REALLY LATE all winter break and not waking up till 9:30, 10, or even 11 the past 2 weeks. Waking up early for youth mass on Sunday is going to SUCK. Since I woke up pretty late again, I just made myself some lunch...

I made myself 3 cheese ravioli with ground turkey in low carb mushroom marinara and skim mozzarella with romaine drizzled with Italian dressing. My eyes were way more hungry than my tummy, and I barely ate half of what I put in my bowls. The amount I made should last me at least 3 more meals. Now, if Nick stops by to eat some, it'll all be gone because that guy does love his pasta. I doubt this will happen since school is now back in full swing for him, though. It was fun while it lasted, boyfriend! I'll see you again in August! ;)

After I let myself digest a while, I rushed out to the hike & bike trail to soak in the sun. The difference that better weather made in my speed was not surprising. The winds were still on opposite sides of usual, and they seemed stronger today than yesterday. The long stretch of the windy side was VERY challenging.

I bike while they moo and cheer me on...
At least that's what I like to think.
I was able to bike 1 more lap than the day before in about the same amount of time. The lack of rain was a big help, but it was still quite cold and windier than I would have liked, but I dealt with it.

I've been meaning to post about the fantastic purple Camelbak water backpack that Nick got me for our date-iversary back in November! I haven't really had the chance to use it much since I haven't been biking very much, but it's come in GREAT handy over the past 2 days that I've biked! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants an efficient way to stay hydrated during a workout.

I'd really like to get a more accurate way of tracking how many calories I'm burning and how fast I'm traveling on my little bike. I've started looking in to purchasing one of those GPS heart rate monitor devices soon. Anyone have any recommendations?

I might have to take a break on Friday because my bum is pretty sore. I can't help but wonder how I biked EVERY DAY during the summer and got so used to sitting on a bike seat for so long... We'll see how I'm feeling and how the weather goes Friday.

After my ride, I went back home, did lots of laundry, and tried to be productive on a work project that I've been struggling with for the past couple of months. I think I'm just trying too hard... 

I made myself a smaller supper later since I got so full from the pasta I had for lunch. I just had a fried egg on wheat toast with more romaine with Italian dressing.

Here's to continuing the journey. See you guys at my next post!