Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 258: Food and Fitness...My Tug of War

My hormones and the weather we've been having lately has made me a hungry, hungry hippo. The cold and the rain just make me want to plop on the couch and channel/Netflix surf with a big bag of chips...

I was decent for the most part today, though. I lunched at Jason's Deli with Craig, but I had a root beer with my lunch... I ordered half a California Club with a cup of French Onion soup and some fruit. I'm glad they offer reduced portions of those foods because I'm a bit in shock after seeing the calorie count on those two items.  Eek.

It was my first day back at work, and it was a bit hectic, but I got through it.

After work, Craig and I walked for about 45 minutes around campus. It wasn't as long as our usual walks, but at least we were done before it got dark. It felt great to get moving and get my heart rate up for a bit, but I felt like I needed more.

So when I got home, I heated up some frozen edamame in the microwave and just noshed on that with 3 slices of turkey pepperoni as my very small supper. While I was munching, the latest episode of the Biggest Loser came on JUST in time because I was starting to feel like I had done "enough" for the day with my walk on campus.

NOPE. The Biggest Loser motivated me to get off my keister and go for another hour during the show. I went to my long lost pal Sworkit to do 5 minutes of stretching and then 45 minutes of a full body work out. Thanks to the Jillian Michaels workouts I've been doing since it got too cold for me to bike, I finally know how to do an "inch worm" properly! Since I don't have much space in my apartment, I did a pushup between each rep instead of moving forward.

The people on the show were and are usually very inspiring. I figure if they can lose hundreds of pounds, I can lose 30! Their strength helped me push harder during my workout. I might have to play the show while I do ALL of my indoor workouts from now on! 

I need to become more disciplined with my intake again, though. I'm looking forward to my next trip to the grocery store so I can load up on more veggies! I've got to rediscover my motivation and drive to get out of this slumpy plateau rut thing that I'm in right now. 

I fought off so many cravings today it was pathetic. I had to yell at myself in the car like a crazy person to NOT stop at Sonic on the way home because French fries sounded amazing during my commute. I'm weakening!! Help!