Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 289: Birthday Week Gluttony

It's been a great week since my last post. I've been visiting my gym at the apartment complex more regularly, and I even gave a lunchbreak workout a try on Friday!

Friday's workout consisted of 20 minutes of intense elliptical and squats (3 sets of 12 reps)

I've been snacking on these dehydrated veggie chips at work, too....

I was able to bike 11 miles on Saturday, but unfortunately, that was the last time I worked out (until today!)

Sunday was full of post youth mass birthday superbowl fun at my parents' house. They threw me a lovely little party for my birthday where we had some choir members and the youth choir members eat lots and sing karaoke. My mom made some DELICIOUS Filipino dishes (Palabok [noodles], chicken soup, mashed cauliflower, and an AMAZING casava cake). My dad also cooked one of his famous roasts. I pretty much ate without restraint all Sunday, and I didn't feel badly about it until now. OF course. 

The mashed cauliflower was my favorite of the leftovers....

Monday night was a bust when it came to working out because I had to do an "emergency last minute" freelance project that HAD to be done by Tuesday morning. 

I had an appointment Tuesday night...again, no workout.

Wednesday was my birthday! I ate WAY too much... I feel great and terrible about this, but it's done.

Lunch was a delicious banh mon and a portion of that
mini king cake
All the banh mon (except the cilantro) was devoured.
I only ate a tiny fraction of the king cake, and
I gave the rest of it to my co-workers!
Supper with Nick was my favorite in town -- sushi and frozen yogurt. :) Then he brought me to buy curtains for my bedroom.

I wanted to write a more meaningful birthday post, but time has run out for the evening and I need to go into my sketching group meeting online! I'll try my best to post something tomorrow!