Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 267: In Need of a Push

This is going to be rambly, so my apologies...

I seem to be losing track of why I started this journey in the first place. I've become lazy over the past few cold, dark months, and it's beginning to catch up with me. The scale is creeping up pound by pound, but I flat out refuse to get in the 140s again. You got me, pounds. You've officially scared me back into working my ass off.

I started to feel crappy on Monday...sick crappy. My throat was hurting, my head was a bit achy, and I was extremely tired. I remembered my friend Starr mentioning an app that tracks your water intake, so I took the opportunity to drink the day away with some high quality H20 to try to flush out the sickness. According to the Water Your Body app, someone of my weight (135lbs) should to be drinking 68oz of water per day. I wish I had downloaded this app MONTHS ago! I feel AWESOME just from drinking more water. Not only that, but any trace of feeling sick is gone. I definitely flushed it out with frequent potty breaks at work. You'd think this would be a big "DUH" moment for me because everyone knows how important it is to be well hydrated, but like I said, I've become lazy over the past few months.

On Monday evening (Jan 14/Day 265), I did this workout...

All of that was a breeze until I got to the 20 lunges. If it weren't for The Biggest Loser coming on that night, I probably wouldn't have worked as hard. It's sad that I need outside sources to get me going these days. I don't know what's going on with me lately, but my motivation is few and far between. 

I didn't do a workout on Tuesday since I thought I was getting sick. I chugged water like mad yesterday and today. I think it worked because I feel much better today.

I happened to discover a tasty sandwich idea on the Internet a few weeks ago, and I decided to give it a try. Egg and avocado? UM...YUMMY. 

Mine wasn't that pretty, nor was it in a tortilla, and I "lazied down" the recipe a lot, but it was still fantastic! I made this as a small meal after choir practice Tuesday night.

Egg whites, avocado, and sriracha!

Today's breakfast was some organic yogurt and 34oz of water.

Today, I was able to do another hour elliptical workout as soon as I got home from work. The sun came out and I was feeling motivated. I had to take advantage of my desire to work HARD because it hasn't been around for a while...

After my workout, I craved another avocado and egg white sandwich, but this time I added some blue corn tortilla chips, salsa, and spinach.

I'm trying, guys. I'm hoping I'm as motivated tomorrow as I was today...

I've been repeating some things to myself all day today:  I'm doing this to continue to get healthy. I've learned from others' mistakes, I've learned from my mistakes, and I shouldn't be too hard on myself for slipping a bit. I need to prove to myself that I can follow through with something I start.

I've been re-motivated by my cousin Stacy's Blog, Tired of the Jiggle. Her posts and the fact that she started her own blog reminded me that my blog HAS made a difference to people to want to be healthier just like Beth's blog motivated me... 

I just need a little push, or maybe a shove.