Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day 298: Organization is Key

It's 2 days since Valentine's Day, and everything seems to be going smoothly. Nick and I had a lovely Valentine's day on Thursday full of love and sweetness. :)

Now that another wonderful day of eating chocolate covered strawberries and Italian food (sans bread) is behind me, I can start really hitting the journey to tinier pants hard again! Thanks for a lovely Valentine's Day, Nick! I love you! To see what great goodies Nick got me, visit my Creative Tiny Pants blog.

I can still remember those spiral assignment notebooks that we first got in 3rd or 4th grade. Pristine, organized, and just waiting to be filled with information. My love for keeping a planner started there...

Now it seems like I have too many, though. I have an online calendar that syncs with my phone, one in my work e-mail, and I have a paper one to take quick notes in quickly (and as a backup incase the Internet Plus, I just like getting the chance to use fun multicolored pens.

It's time I get back to keeping up with this bad boy regarding my tiny pants journey. I started planning my meals and writing in my workout times so that I can stick to them! We all have busy schedules, but making time for what's important to you is the only way to get anything accomplished!

I had to get reorganized because there's just too much I want and need to do. More was added to my plate when a lovely friend of mine (whose identity shall remain anonymous at this time) provided me with all the videos, plans, and guides for an extremely popular and effective workout system that I've been wanting to try. Let's just say that um...its name is the condition one might have if they belong in an asylum.

Along with planning the workouts for this new program, I've made my meal plans for the first half of next week, and I'm ready to stick to my plans as if they're important appointments and assignments! I must become militant about getting off this dang plateau of the 135-137 range!! I decided to only do half of the week so that I can work with whatever leftovers I have to avoid wasting food.

I'm going grocery shopping today for nothing but real, fresh food! No bread, no rice, and NO preservatives if I can avoid them. Speaking of staying organized, I downloaded this great Grocery List App for my phone that helps me keep track of what I need to buy.

I also might use some gift cards I have leftover from Christmas and my birthday to purchase a better blender or a juicer today as well so that I can start making fresh smoothies for breakfast or mid-day snacks. I'm really excited about all this, and I intend to stick to it as best as I possibly can.

The whole no bread and no rice for Lent sacrifice has been going better than I expected as well. I didn't realize how many seafood dishes are accompanied with rice and bread until Friday, though. I had salmon, broccoli, and mashed potatoes for lunch at Cheddar's on Friday and I had to ask for no rice since ALL the fish filets come on a bed of rice.

And then supper last night was some boiled shrimp to-go from The Bayou Cafe' with Nick and the ever missed Russ (aka Big Hobbit) who was in town for the evening. It took me a long time to pick something  from their menu last night because EVERYTHING HAD BREAD AND RICE WITH IT. I'm happy I'm sticking with it, though. I think it'll be a big help over the next month in succeeding towards reaching my goals.

Reunited & it feels so good!
So off I go, guys. I start the new exercise regimen on Monday, so today I will be biking and enjoying the beautiful blue sky before my grocery trip. Until next time!