Thursday, October 11, 2012

Days 169 & 170: Living Room Workouts

I feel like I have been working non-stop since the Fall semester started. My brain has been STORMING for weeks with many new projects I need to do, and I can feel my well of creativity going dry.

Before I started all this working out, I would have felt anxious, overwhelmed, and highly fatigued with all the things on my to do list. I honestly can't believe I am still going with all the things that are on my mind right now, and I believe that I can give the credit to my coping to releasing my stress in my workouts.

The evenings just aren't long enough for me to accomplish what I want and need to do. I cut my workout short last night and tonight so that I could work on freelance projects, brainstorm on ideas for full time work, play piano, eat supper, prepare for the next day, and take care of my other usual business. 

Day 169 was a busy and somewhat frantic day. Breakfast was my usual Activia Breakfast Blend, and I was able to get a free lunch thanks to the annual Hispanic Heritage Day program at LIT. 

I always feel awkward eating at work events when a line is involved. I was willing to go to lunch elsewhere after the event if they ran out of food, but a tiny bit remained after all the students left. Casa Ole' and Elena's provided food for attendees of the Hispanic Heritage program, and I was able to eat a small bowl of chips and salsa with 3/4 a beef quesadilla. 

Scraped the bottom of the bowl for the last of
the chips. There was still an ocean of salsa left.
Beef quesadillas...ehh I wasn't impressed,
but at least they were free!
After the Hispanic Heritage Day program, I had a mini "emergency" because I lost about 80% of the photos I took of the event due to a glitch in our network/servers!!! My panic caused me to post on Facebook and my friend Emily D. was able to rescue me and suggest some recovery software that helped me find the lost images. I was frantic for a while until I got the files back! WHEW!

When I got home, I hurried and made a super quick supper of turkey bacon, 2 eggs, and 1 roma tomato.

I did all of these except for the elevated lunge jumps to avoid loud landings...
I did 2 sets of 15
And I also did this...

I did 3 sets of 15 reps each
No gym? No problem!
I tried to get my yoga ball in the photo
too, but it kept rolling away.
 Day 170 was busy and productive at work.

Breakfast was my usual Activia breakfast blend (This was the last one I had left, so grocery shopping must happen soon!)

Lunchtime arrived sooner than I thought it would. I brought my pal Craig out for a belated lunch celebration to Tokyo where we shared some sushi and edamame!

Orchid & OMG roll.
That's Craig's arm in the top left corner!
Happy belated birthday, Craig's arm!
My little pile of edamame shells
And what would a birthday be without a
little something sweet? This delicious homemade
ice cream is from Ana's Mexican Bakery on Calder.
I made this card for Craig's birthday.
He's a very talented organist who plays at
my church in Fannett!
Speaking of which, Craig is hosting a "Get to know the Phoenix Organ" Demo event this Saturday at St. Mary's! You should go!! 

After work, I made myself a no-carb supper of baked smoked milkfish (aka bangus) and steamed okra! The smoky flavor of the fish was fantastic! Thanks for buying me the bangus, Mama & Daddy!

After supper, I cleaned up and did my workout while I halfway watched the VP debates. Ehhhhh politics. 

I was feeling a bit couch potato-ey this evening...but check it out! There's a workout for that!

I did 3 sets instead of 2. :)

Now it's already time to sleep!? Oh, how I would love an extra 2 hours in a day... Goodnight, all. Tomorrow's Friday!