Monday, October 8, 2012

Days 165 - 167: New Weigh In, The Rice Festival, & Progress

Saturday was productive, fun, and a bit tiring. I love Saturdays when I get to sleep in and not be bothered by anyone for a while. I pretty much need them to stay sane!

I enjoyed the last of my egg whites and whole wheat naan with spinach and sriracha for breakfast.

After breakfast, I rushed out to the hike & bike trail and biked 9 miles. I wanted to do more, but my legs were still really weak from the evening before when I biked 15.

Upon my return, I weighed myself and discovered that I am now officially in the 134 range!

I figured I'd take my progress pic
somewhere other than my bathroom
this time around.
Upon my return, I was able to do 4 loads of laundry before I headed out to Winnie for the Texas Rice Festival! I was able to see my mom, my Uncle Obeng, Joyce, my Godson Ethan, and a few of my lovely friends from high school while I was there.

Here's the damage:

RICE BALL: chili, rice, crunchy coating and fried awesomeness
Mediocre cherry limeade.
I only drank half because it was disgusting &
I was too thirsty to care. 
Rudy's steak kabob. I only ate about 1/3 of it
and I saved the rest for the next day.
CAJUN PISTOL:  One of my favorites!
crawfish in a cheesy sauce stuffed inside a fried roll
chocolate dipped cheesecake on a stick!?
I shared this bad boy with Amy
And we were unable to finish it.
It was pretty delicious, though!
And last but not least,
one fried OREO.
By the end of the evening, I didn't feel terrible, so I consider that a success. The weather was lovely when the sun went down, and I was truly happy to see my high school sweethearts! It's been 10 years since we graduated high school, and I'd say that we're all aging beautifully!

The next day, Sunday, was youth mass out in Fannett. I woke up later than I probably should have, so I rushed out the door and scarfed down a package of Skinny Cow Dark Chocoalte Dreamy Clusters on the way to Fannett. Dark chocolate, caramel, and only 120 calories? OK!

After church, I had a yummy homemade lunch with my parents and Nick's Uncle Steve in Fannett.

Menudo, rice, and cucumbers with a little sriracha.
There are always cucumbers at my parents' house! :) 
A little fruit salad for dessert
I snacked on half a banana while I was still at my parents house as well. I didn't have time to work out on Sunday because I had too much work to do after I left.

I supped on my leftover steak kabob from Rudy's Kabobs and a big salad of romaine, carrots, pecorino romano, and broccoli topped with Italian dressing. 

Today, Monday, was a busy day at work!

I had my usual Activia Breakfast blend while I checked my e-mails and made my to do list for the week.

I ventured over to Katharine & Company to pick up some lunch to go...

Grilled chicken caesar sandwich, spinach salad,
and a cup of tomato basil soup.
I went straight to the hike & bike trail after work so that I could get more work done at home in the evening. I was able to bike 11 miles this evening.

After my bike ride, I whipped up some eggs, steamed some tiny tree-like veggies, and worked the rest of the evening.

And that's the past 3 days in a blogshell!

I'm happy to say that I'm over the halfway point on my Heart Walk fundraising goal! A great big thank you to my beautiful friends Anna & Markette for their donations today!!!

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