Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 160: Walking/Waddling & Upper Bodying

Hey, All! It's Monday again and it's a new month. Let's do this...

Breakfast was another kind of Activia Breakfast Blend this morning -- Banana Bread! Pretty tasty!

Keeps me full all morning, too!
Since it was SO SO gorgeous outside today, I decided to walk to Subway for lunch. It's about a mile walk round trip to Subway from my office, but I love to walk. When the weather is as lovely as it was today, I felt like it needed to be done.

I got a 6 inch Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sandwich on Italian Herbs & Cheese bread. It had cucumbers, onions, spinach, pickles, tomatoes, and sweet onion sauce. I also got a bag of kettle barbecue chips and a bottle of water.

I got home later than usual, so I was pretty darn hungry when I got back. I had some chicken with leftover kangkong + tofu & black beans that my mom made. (Sorry, but I have no idea what kangkong is in English...hahaha!) 

I did a light upper body workout while watching The Voice this evening. Lots of push ups, lots of weights with my 8 lb dumbbell friends. My legs are SOOO SORE from the squats I did yesterday. I've been walking around waddling like a duck all day thanks to the soreness, but it's kind of rewarding. Like a weird waddly badge of honor.

Welp, that's all that happened today, folks. Tomorrow's my long Tuesday, so I'm hoping I'll get to fit in some cardio during work again!

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