Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Days 161 & 162: LONGEST. WEEK. EVERRRR.

Is it just me or is this week DRAGGING? 

Yesterday was my longest day of the week schedule-wise, and it certainly felt that way!

I had another banana bread Activia for breakfast.

T-shirt designs for the Heart Walk
are in progress! Yay!
Lunch was at the dining hall with Craig. I discovered that the walk to the dining hall from my office is actually about a mile ONE WAY...well awesome! The weather has been pretty lovely this week, so I've been so happy to take the time to walk all over campus when I get the chance.

Whole wheat pasta, pesto, carrots, some amazing steamed veggie
blend of zucchini + squash + asparagus + mystery vegetable,
plus garlic bread (my kryptonite)
I wasn't a fan of the cold asparagus or the cold chickpeas.
The walk to and from the dining hall was my cardio for the day. Better than nothing!

I ate supper with my parents at their house in the evening before choir practice. I was able to resist eating any rice with my meal, so that was good!

Smoked fish, more kangkong (which I have discovered
in English is "water cabbage"), and fresh cucumbers
in mixture of white vinegar,  water, sugar, pepper, & salt
When I got back to my apartment after choir practice at around 8:45, I was able to do some light ab work while I caught the new episode of Private Practice. 


Day 162...Wednesday....

I didn't get to eat much breakfast this morning. I had to go across the street to photograph an event on campus, so I popped one of those protein poppers that I've made for situations such as this. 

I snacked on a yummy gelatin/fruit cocktail that my mom made mid-morning.

I ate about 1/3 of this. Yay, more for later!
Lunch was less than exciting today, but it was nice to not spend any money or have to walk anywhere. My feet were hurting because I'm dumb and decided to wear heels to work today. I think I've given up on heels...they're not worth the pain. 

I ate a very dry chicken breast with a veggie mix. The chicken breast is part of a rotisserie chicken I purchased last week that is probably on its last leg. It was dry and bland, but I just made myself eat it because I was just thankful to have something to eat!

I added balsamic vinegar to it later, and it helped a little.
It was like eating paper...haha!
When I got off of work, I hurried over to the hike & bike trail and pummeled through 11 miles. I wanted to do another lap, and I had plenty of sunshine to do so, but I was starting to get a headache because I didn't drink my usual glass of water before I started. Never again will I make that mistake! Thankfully, the headache went away after my ride, and I was able to chat with my co-worker Tim, and a family friend from my church, Cherry Woodsmall, for a bit. 

By the time I got home, I was STARVING, so I made myself a "breakfast taco" with egg whites, spinach, skim mozzarella, turkey, and sriracha on a whole wheat tortilla.

I promise, the tortilla was the only carb I had all evening! This yummy wrapped up package filled me up!

Now, here I am blogging away. I will be home late tomorrow because I have to attend a scholarship banquet for work, so I'm hoping to do an Internet workout afterwards. 

I'm very glad that the halfway point of the work week is over. I've been SO tired all week, and I'm not sure why, so I look forward to sleeping in on Saturday! I probably need to sleep more, but I've been too excited with the new piano in my apartment lately.

We are ONE MONTH away from the heart walk!

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