Saturday, September 21, 2013

Days 513 & 514: Severe Fatigue & Weekend Eating

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, guys. This whole waking up super early thing to work out thing did a number on me (I know, I'm such a weakling), and I feel like I've slept all day since Friday evening just to feel like myself again! I've GOT to start going to bed earlier if I'm going to continue this morning workout thing.

I did another workout, but this time, I did a 20 minute all lower body workout since my core and my arms were VERY sore. I wanted to do more, but I just COULD NOT get out of bed, so I was short on time. After my workout, I made myself a yummy green smoothie that consisted of organic greens, a banana, some frozen fruit (about three peach slices, 5 grapes, and a couple of strawberries), coconut milk, and ice.

It was SO rainy on Friday! All I wanted to do was go back to bed and sleep the entire day. Alas, there was much work to be done at the jobby job, so I sucked it up and went to the office to bounce on my yoga ball and make page layouts.

For lunch, I had a chicken sandwich with organic greens, goat cheese, and balsamic vinegar on wheat. 

I also had a few prunes to follow up my sandwich with something sweet.

At least I'm getting good use out of
ONE of my ceramics projects from college.
I ended up having dinner after work at Nick's house since he got the new Zelda edition Wii U, and he wanted me to check it out. Umm...SO MUCH FUN!! Dinner wasn't exactly the healthiest, though... 
I had one of these with some leftover chicken breast from
my lunch for supper at Nick's. The boy lives off of pasta...

I watched him play Pikmin 3 for a good long while, but much to my surprise, I was thoroughly entertained by the absolute cuteness of the characters, the quality improvement of the graphics compared to the original Wii, and just trying to figure out what Nick needed to do next. And of course, it was only fitting that we fit in some Super Mario time.

Fast forward to today, I slept in VERY late since I was so tired on Friday. I didn't wake up until 10, and it was GLORIOUS

This meant I needed to get some work done before Megan's chicken and waffles engagement party at the Junior League House in Beaumont.

Since I woke up so late and I knew I was going to be eating freaking chicken and waffles today, I ate a very small brunch. I just ate one chicken leg with no skin and one of those tiny cans of root beer. Again, not the best choices...

I made this little card for Megan and her fiancé, Fito, after my tiny brunch. I've decided that I'm going to try to make all of my greeting cards from now on unless I'm in a severe time crunch!

FM Radio is their nickname as a couple, so I thought this would be a good idea to do for them. Megan also asked for everyone to give her a brooch for her bouquet, so that's what the little brooch is doing on my card. Thanks to my mom for finding that one for me! 

I regret with every fiber of my being not taking photos of the food from the engagement party because it was adorable. Dangit! There was chicken and waffles, of course, PLUS these great waffle cones filled with fresh fruit. There were also mimosas, tea, water, and beer there. I had one mimosa, and a glass of water.
Shanelle, Sherry, Julie, me, Nick C., Megan, and Roneka
I don't know if it's the weather or if I'm really having a hard time recuperating from this week, but I had ZERO energy today, and I ended up taking a 2 hour nap after Megan's party!

I didn't work out today, guys. All I did was sleep and eat... 

I didn't think I'd be hungry again, but I ended up having French onion soup and a California club sandwich from Jason's Deli for supper.

I'm hoping to repent a bit both at church AND during workout and eating times tomorrow. I guess I should sleep even more now! Goodnight, all.