Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 512: Feels More Like Day 2...

Yay for me! I was able to wake up early and work out again this morning! I didn't rise as early as I would've liked since I slept later than I should have Wednesday night, but I made sure that I got at least 20 minutes of intense exercise in to start my day. I wish I could bike in the mornings, but the sun isn't up yet, so I've been doing OK with working out in my apartment.

I brought my good old pal back this morning after drinking my lukewarm cup of water.

There was LOTS of planking that popped up in today's workout, and I struggled the 3rd time I had to do a 30 second plank. I think I'll try to do some lower body work tomorrow since my arms and my core have been worked more lately.

I'm definitely feeling some soreness in my arms and my core, but I've MISSED it, weirdly enough. Like I mentioned yesterday, I balance/bounce on a yoga ball all day at work, and I can actually feel the soreness in my body while I'm at my desk trying not to fall off the ball. I didn't do a very good job of staying hydrate today, though... I've always had issues with keeping up with that.

I had another peanut butter and banana on wheat toast for breakfast this morning. I had a piece of turkey jerky before I went to meet with my boss lady too since I was STARVING after my workout. I know I should probably eat before I get to work, but I'm just never hungry so close to when I wake up, AND I have to wait 30 minutes before I can eat anything after I take my thyroid medicine. The commute to work and the time I spend discussing what needs to get done in the morning with Beth is usually ample time for my medicine to get into my system before I eat.

I had another fantastic salad for lunch today also. I'm a complete goober and forgot to take a photo of it, so please accept this healthy smile instead:

My friend Craig ate lunch with me too (I made us both salads!), so he is my witness that we ate right for lunch. I made another mixed green, avocado, chia seeds, low sodium bacon, goat cheese, gala apple, cherry tomato salad with baked chicken breast. Craig seemed to enjoy the salad as much as I did!

I was also able to sell a few $1 paper hearts for the AHA at work today!! Many thanks to Jason, Nick C., and Phyllis for their $1 contributions! Well, Jason was awesome and gave me $5 and told me to put Nick's name on all of them, but I split them up (3 for Jason and 2 for Nick). haha!

MY Nick made the first online donation, so THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, BOYFRIEND

Please click on this meter to donate online:

If you don't want to donate online, feel free to e-mail me at, and we can make other arrangements!

I had chicken and rice for supper (I know, I know, bad carby things, but I exercised portion control!). I have to get used to photographing all my meals again like I did when I started my blog. I really believe that documenting my meals like that helped me be accountable for my intake and activity.

My mom posted a photo of me from around 2005 or 2006 onto Facebook today. This was definitely before I was dating Nick. This was when I was at my heaviest at almost 160 pounds, and I didn't have a CARE in the world about my health, what I ate, or about exercising. Of course I was miserable because of how I looked and how clothes I wanted to wear never fit me, but I didn't actually THINK about the damage I was doing to my heart and the rest of my body... If I could go back in time, I'd shake some sense into that girl.

I was so clueless about so many things.
I don't want to ever let myself get back to that...

Well, now I am SUPER sleepy, so I shall shower and hit the hay. Goodnight, everybody. I'm hoping to keep this up!