Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 4: The Double Chinese Buffet Challenge

11:17 a.m. of Day 4...

I just finished my 45 minute cardio workout on the treadmill. This time, I added some "walking weights" (2 lbs each), and I felt far more challenged. Who knew that 4 measly pounds could make things more difficult? I can't wait to feel how much easier it will be when I shed the pounds off my body! I'm not sure if it was the addition of the weights or if I was just fatigued, but I still did my best. I really do not think that the calorie counters on these machines are accurate, though.

I also added something to today's workout that surprised me. I RAN! I actually ran (only for about 5 minutes), but the fact that I was able to last that long without feeling like I was going to die made me feel so awesome! I've always been extremely intimidated by running since I was a child. When we had field day in elementary school, I was always dead last by a long shot because I was so much shorter than everyone else, and I had terrible asthma. I pretty much avoided running as much as possible since then. I used to cry when I found out we had to run a mile for our fitness tests in middle school. I remember how embarrassed I was by not being able to run for very long without feeling that sharp pain in my side from overexerting myself....

But that was YEARS ago, and I am now a healthy, asthma free 28-year-old woman who can do anything I aspire to do! It will take some work, but I intend to work up to running more and more every day. It's not about competing with others's about competing with myself!

Don't let this be a waste of time by eating junk!

I have not one, but TWO family/friend gatherings to attend today. Both baptisms, both for adorable baby boys, and both receptions at CHINESE BUFFETS.

Good grief. I feel as if the fitness gods are mocking me with MSG and noodles. I'm both looking forward to and dreading this challenge. We shall see if I can exercise portion control today...


3:54 p.m. of Day 4...

The first baptism was a success! Cute baby brought into Christianity, check. Catching up with good old friends, check. Proxy Godmother/Ninang duties fulfilled, check. Portion control....check????

It's hard to say if I overdid it or not. I definitely got more vegetables than I usually do, but I still got a couple of fried items. I was strong enough to only take small bites of them, though. The worst items I had were 1 bite of fried zucchini, another bite of one of those fried wontons stuffed with cream cheese (which wasn't very good anyway), and half of one of those fried sugary biscuits.  I wasn't impressed with the egg drop soup, so I only ate about 2 bites of it.

• Pictured: 1 fried wonton, 1 fried zucchini, 1 piece of General Tso's chicken, half a plate of broccoli and green beans, half a scoop of jasmine rice, 1 chicken skewer, and 1 scoop of noodles plus 1/2 cup of egg drop soup

I also had a hard time resisting dessert, so I did eat some sweets...

melon, banana, and the evil fried sugar biscuit
I finished bananas, not the biscuit! Woo!
BUT... I also couldn't resist the mocha cake that Tita Wilma so fantastically bakes. I am proud to say I didn't finish the entire thing, though...

Hmm...maybe perspective shots aren't a good idea in this case.


Fast forward to 10:04 p.m.

Baptism number 2 was also a success! I just got home at around 9:30. Adorable baby #2 brought into Christianity, some family catch up time, and another Chinese buffet... Deja vu, anyone?

I waited until everyone else at my table got their food since I wasn't that hungry thanks to the lunch buffet extravaganza. I got much less this time, and I only got one plate. It was VERY difficult for me to resist going back for a 2nd plate tonight, but I just kept having to telling myself, "I'M FULL." I was full, and I just watched everyone else eat their 2nd and sometimes 3rd plates in amazement... I can't deny that I was a little jealous, but I'm encouraged by what kind of will power I had tonight.

Cup of egg drop soup filled 1/3
Clearly, buffet #2's egg drop soup was better than #1's.
Smaller portions for supper. I ate everything but the salmon.
Aaand, I'm a loser for not taking an after pic, but I swear the caption in the before pic is true. (I have witnesses!) The only reason I didn't eat the salmon was because...well, it didn't taste like salmon.

• Pictured: 1 scoop fried rice, healthy portions of green beans and broccoli, I'm guessing about 4oz of salmon, and 2 coconut shrimp

I also shared a piece of cake with my daddy. I gave him 2/3 of the piece...

Overall, I can definitely say I did better than I expected. I used to GORGE myself at these buffets because (with my old way of thinking) "Why not get more than your money's worth on decent food you didn't have to cook?" I still think I could have done better, but I am not disappointed in myself. It's that absence of guilt and regret that makes me know that I did well today. I now know that I can control myself when faced with an excess of tasty offerings. I look forward to being at a place weightwise where I can splurge a little more, but until then, I know what kinds of sacrifices need to be made to reach my goals. 

I think I give myself a B- or a C on this crazy challenge today. I say this because even though I did eat mostly vegetables, they were all covered in sauces and oil with caloric contents I will probably never know. 

Day 4 is done, and I cannot wait to see what Day 5 has in store for me tomorrow! Till then, goodnight, my friends! Here's to a healthier tomorrow!